Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a Hair Raising Experience

It's that time again... You know the routine.
Every six weeks new missionaries arrive
and some of our old missionaries leave.
This creates the ripple affect through out the mission.
It is called Changes around here.
 I watch closely from my bedroom window
that looks down upon the President's home office.

He ponders and prays while he carefully arranges the missionaries
lives for their next 6 weeks.
The most amazing thing is that he has any hair left on his head.
When he is stewing over decisions 
his hands are all over his head, fingers brushing through his hair.
The same when he is talking on the phone...
one hand on the phone
the other in the hair.
Whatever he is doing is very successful.
Let him release the tension 
with a good old fashion
Dutch Rub
minus the headlock.

I love to watch over him 
while he is studying or contemplating or reading
or praying downstairs 
in his office.

Thanks for the fishbowl honey...
You are entertaining.