Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lane and Julie Ward

We are at the airport again...   saying Goodbye.

This time to President and Sister Ward.
All I could think about was ...
How are we ever going to be able to say goodbye 
to this Country, these People, all our dear friends, this great experience
and our missionaries?

We still have a year left!
But I know that it will fly by so fast.

I can't think about it...

We will just start planning a trip to return to Peru
the second we leave Peru.

We have to come back to see the Temple finished for sure.

And we have to check on friends and missionaries...

and we have to see the progress in the church, the people, and this place....

It was so fun to see the Wards revisit Trujillo.
They left five years ago and so many things have changed.
They have divided the Mission and added Stakes, Wards, and Districts and Branches, 
and Malls and Shopping Centers and Highways and 
Street lights and Houses and Apartment complexes and on and on and on...

They visited his Cousin and some of their missionaries is Lima,
They went and spent time with his Counselor in Cusco,
and visited many of their great friends here in Trujillo.

What a fantastic time to come to Peru...
The Trip of a Lifetime!
Thank you Wards, it was so much fun to have you here!