Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mission Prep Class

This is an exercise that we did with some of our mission prep students
before class began….

They had to pick a number between 1 and 12
and then stand and repeat the line they
chose in order…

And of course it is from
"The Standard of Truth"

We Love to Teach Mission Prep!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Temple Dedication...

Tomorrow we will attend the re-dedication of the
Ogden Temple.
This Temple has been remodeled and it is spectacular.

It was first dedicated by President Joseph Fielding Smith.
And before he started the dedication he said this…
"May I remind you that when we dedicate a house to the Lord, what we really do is dedicate ourselves to the Lord’s service, with a covenant that we shall use the house in the way 
he intends that it shall be used"

and this quote from President Hinckley ...
"I know your lives are busy. I know that you have much to do. 
But I make you a promise 
that if you will go to the house of the Lord, 
you will be blessed; life will be better for you."

I love this quote and am going to increase my attendance
to the House of the Lord.

After the dedication we fly home and we get to teach our 
Mission Prep Class ….  which we love.
The work is hastening on….  Exciting!d

Provo… Game Time!

We went to visit our niece April who just had her third baby.
This is Mazy my new little grand niece.
Her aunt Annie Ashby is holding her.
Annie is a Freshman up here in Provo.

As we were walking into the BYU football game today
we saw our sweet Elder Parker Dennis
playing the drums.
I was so happy he saw us.

BYU played Virginia today and it was an exciting game.
This is the band playing on the field.
Elder Dennis is right in the middle on the Y logo.

It was so bright outside I couldn't get a good picture in the loge.

But look who was in the loge with us…
Elder Sam Andersen, Elder Kris Cook, Elder Michael Zarian,
Elder Cody Smith, Elder Ben Wright and Elder Nathan Northcott.
Always a great time with some of our missionaries.

BYU won the game
41 to 33
They are 4 - 0
Congrats to the Cougars!

We will see all of you missionaries 
at our Reunion...
Friday, October 3rd at 6:00
at Noah's Event Center in South Jordan

We love you all!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yes... Another Eternal Family

Jaden Mecham and Alyson Porter
were sealed yesterday!

They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple by her 
 grandfather who has served as Temple president there.

Elder Cook, Elder Northcott and Elder Smith
were some of Jaden's best men or groomsmen.
What do you call them?

The day was beautiful.  They are perfect for each other.
We are so excited to welcome Alyson into the Trujillo family.
Temple marriages of our missionaries make us extremely happy.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Random Sightings...

President Turk was heading to Utah with our son and son-in-law
for a golf trip….  While he was there he was able to attend
the Timpanogas Temple and 
see Elder Gavin Hales and his new wife Samantha 
get sealed for time and all eternity.

We are so thrilled for you you two!

In the afternoon Terry went to go to a session in
the Provo Temple and look who he saw there…

Hermana Sandstrom…   She works in the Provo Temple.
Good for you Kaylee!

Then it was off to the football game with Landon and Parker

 On the way out he ran into Elder Erickson…

He was able to meet Jonathan's new wife….
I Can't wait to meet her at the Reunion.

Then he ran into Elder Jackson Hill…  How fun was this?

Sorry I missed all the fun...
But I will see you all real soon at the reunion.

This will be the last reunion for about five years.
But we will have one in Trujillo with the Temple dedication.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hermana Hannah Sheridan

Just had a fun evening with one of our mission daughters…
Hannah Sheridan

She has moved to Phoenix and now we only live
30 minutes apart.

We are so happy.  She is doing fantastic. 
We talked about everything and everyone!

Peru is still in our hearts and our thoughts…

This is not a very attractive selfie but President Turk and I 
have not practiced taking them.

We love you Hannah… See you Soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Scorpions … Oh My!

I was born and raised in Arizona.
Scorpions have never been a part of my life.
We didn't have them around the house that I grew up in
and We have never had them in any home 
after we have been married.

Some of my sisters families have had a few experiences 
with some scorpion stings.

My children have not had them in or 
around the homes they live in.

But this last week my son was moving
to a new home
and as he lifted a couch to put on the truck
a big old scorpion stung him on the thumb.
This was extremely painful
and there is really nothing you can do about
them except take benadryl and advil.
It hurts like heck and it tingles and 
is numb all the way up your arm
to your shoulder.
It has been 3 days now and there
is still numbness and tingling in his hand.
If you have a horrible reaction you have to get the anti venom shot
and this can cost about $15,000 per vial.

This is what a scorpion looks like under a black light.
They glow like you can't believe.
 Some people head out at night to hunt for them 
in their backyards with the black lights.
They are gnarly little suckers.

Scorpions your better run...
He's getting' his MOM!