Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Scorpions … Oh My!

I was born and raised in Arizona.
Scorpions have never been a part of my life.
We didn't have them around the house that I grew up in
and We have never had them in any home 
after we have been married.

Some of my sisters families have had a few experiences 
with some scorpion stings.

My children have not had them in or 
around the homes they live in.

But this last week my son was moving
to a new home
and as he lifted a couch to put on the truck
a big old scorpion stung him on the thumb.
This was extremely painful
and there is really nothing you can do about
them except take benadryl and advil.
It hurts like heck and it tingles and 
is numb all the way up your arm
to your shoulder.
It has been 3 days now and there
is still numbness and tingling in his hand.
If you have a horrible reaction you have to get the anti venom shot
and this can cost about $15,000 per vial.

This is what a scorpion looks like under a black light.
They glow like you can't believe.
 Some people head out at night to hunt for them 
in their backyards with the black lights.
They are gnarly little suckers.

Scorpions your better run...
He's getting' his MOM!