Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today is my real Anniversary

Terry and I were sitting in the Celestial room today at this
magnificent place…

We were talking about this day 32 years ago.
We were taken into the Celestial room right before we were
going to be sealed.
My Grandfather, Max Cox was the Sealer.
While we were waiting to go into the sealing room, 
Terry looked over at me and tried to take my hand 
and I pulled it back.
He had no idea what was going on.
He was looking for the door.

I had just had a blessing from my Dad at my house
right before we left for the Temple.
It was really bad timing.

My brothers and sisters and I were all weeping.
It was like I was never going to be a part of the family 
any more.

The second I went into the Sealing room and saw
all my friends and family there waiting for us,
I was fine..
The Sealing was beautiful!

And marrying Terry was the greatest decision of my life!
This man is my love and my life!

I testify that this is the Holy House of the Lord
The most beautiful blessings on earth
are received from making and keeping sacred
covenants here…
The Lord wants everyone to participate here
in this glorious place.

And our goal…

"Blessed are the Pure in Heart
for they shall see God!"

This is my greatest desire.

I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ
I love my Husband and my family…
"My cup runneth over" 
I can never repay my Father for my blessed life.

And a little side note...

We finished up the day at Carrabbas with our 
favorite Zucchini fries… 
Thank you my good husband… 
You make my life Spectacular in every way!