Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Sanctuary is No More....

There was an incident that happened tonight that I am not proud of...
A ginormous cockroach (or two) invaded my bedroom 
which is my safe place...
He was climbing down the curtains right next to 
my side of the bed.
I started to hyperventilate... jumped out of the bed
my heart was pounding...
And guess what?  My husband was gone!
He was in Huaraz for interviews.

 I had to call him immediately.... 
and as I was telling him how horrible this thing was,
the cockroach started to go under the bed...
I was now very sick because I didn't know where he was...
I was not going back into my room.

 I was out of my room with my camera and the telephoto lens 
trying to find the creepy thing... 
All of a sudden there was one at my door.
This was at the other end of the room...

Holy Moly... I was now in a fever pitch tone
on the phone still with the President...

The one that was closest to me... I threw a paper cup on top of him...
and screamed and dry heaved at the same time...
I then grabbed one of my huacos to hold the cup down.
My whole body was shaking and shivering.

President told me that he was on the other line with the Elders.
He told Elder Fackrell and Elder Smith
that I was not going to be able to sleep unless they
ran over and took care of the problem.

About three minutes later... 
my trustee office Elders were doing a shake down
of my bedroom and bedding.  Elder Smith got the one that I covered and
threw him out of the window.  He wanted to flush him down
a toilet but that would have given me very- very bad dreams.
Cockroaches never die, they just get bigger and meaner in the sewer...
and come up and find you.

The Elders looked everywhere for the other one... no luck.
We think that it could have been the same roach,
 he was just very fast.
These Elders are my heroes.

Although, I am pretty sure that if a cockroach 
came running at one of these Elders
they would have screamed too.
Oh how I wanted this to happen right here to Elder Fackrell.
Just the other morning I ran down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast
 and as I pushed the swinging door open
a giant cockroach ran right towards me.  I screamed
and ran and Lucy grabbed the broom and went to town
after that thing.  She got the nasty guy... Needless to say I lost my appetite.

It is summer time here remember and this is when the little critters 
come out to play.... I have seen them in the garage...
but never in my bedroom or kitchen.
I am not happy.
Do you think I am going to sleep a wink tonight?
Not a chance!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pepperoni Rolls...

All our new ones that have been here for a month
were in today for some fine tuning
and a little pizza.
 We had two small boxes of pepperoni rolls leftover....
 So of course I had them play a game to win them.
Our missions are to be enjoyed not just endured, Right?
So, we work really hard and play a little too.
I love happy- hardworking- well fed- missionaries.
 This group is special....
We are looking forward to seeing great things from them.
New Ones: Elder Orellana, Elder King, Elder Dow, Elder Guerra,
Elder Chacon, Elder Castillo, Elder Atuña,
Elder Montesino, Elder Oropeza

Their Trainers:  Elder Alva, Elder Romney, Elder Morales, Elder Quispe,
Elder Jensen, Elder Chacon, Elder Casanova, Elder Young, Elder Espinal

Office Elders:  Elders Mecham, Castillo, Martinez, Castillo, Smith,
not pictured Elder Fackrell... he was on the phone as usual.


Two of our Zone Leaders
Elder Cerpa and Elder Levos
discovered that they each had brothers that 
served in the same mission.
And that their brothers were both companions
and Assistants in the 
Paraguay Asución North Mission
Oh, the Connections in the Mission Field.

Brothers to Brothers

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FHE... Glue for the Family!

Another mini missionary... Elder Paredes is heading out to serve 
for a few weeks with Elder Ramos....

While our ex-Elder Eliseo Gomez from Lima stopped by for a visit
and was able to see his son, Elder Armstrong. Fun!
 We had a great family home evening with the Pacheco family 
and Gil and Pam Greer.
Brother Pacheco was baptized by President Turk a few months ago.
His wife was baptized by Gil Greer a couple of weeks ago
and the daughter will be following soon.
Gil and Pam Greer were here for a month
so we had dinner and FHE with them on their last night.
I pulled out a puzzle for Roxanna the eleven year old daughter
to put together
and look who was loving it the most... the men!

 I want my missionaries to know
how to have fun as a family playing simple games and puzzles
and to make sure that they remember to turn off
the TV, computers, phones, iPads etc...
Communication is so important in a family and it is so easy 
to destroy the beautiful dynamics
with all our electronic devices.

Gather your families every Monday night and have a 
spiritual lesson, some games, treats, music and talk and 
laugh and love each other.
These moments are very powerful as a family.
They act as the glue in this pull apart world.

  Family Home Evenings are like puzzles...
Everyone adds their pieces to the beautiful picture
and it makes all the hard work worth it.
When it is finished, everyone is proud and happy.
And the Family is Together Forever!
Greers and Pachecos
thanks for sharing FHE with us.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How Great is This.....

Look everyone!  It's Elder Hunsaker and our grandson Tillman Turk.
Elder Hunsaker and his wife Aubrey are Tillman's Sunbeam teachers.
What a fun teacher he must be...  He's all over the floor.
Let me remind you of our story with Elder Hunsaker...

When we first arrived in the Trujillo Mission, Elder Hunsaker had been 
called as an Assistant to President Mora
and would stay on as President Turk's Assistant.

It was perfect because Brent Hunsaker was from our
home Stake in Mesa Arizona.  In fact, President Turk
had set him apart for his mission as his Stake President before
our call to Trujillo.  We had no idea at that time that President Turk
would serve as a mission president, let alone be Elder Hunsaker's
President in Peru.  The sweet part of this story is that Elder Hunsaker's 
mother, Lori, took a few notes after his setting apart so that 
Brent could remember the blessing.  In this blessing, given by 
President Turk, he goes on and on about Brent's relationship
with his Mission President.  Funny, he was talking about 
himself and didn't know it.  

Brent was here with us when Tillman was just one year old and they 
came to visit us for Christmas the first year.
So Tillman and Brent are together again 
now living on the other side of Mesa... 
Who would have thought?
This is little Tillman in Peru his first time..

Thanks Hunsakers for teaching our grandson Tillman
We Love you!

Ships are Leaving the Harbor!

A bunch of young adults gathered together in Chimbote
for a pre mission MTC experience.
Some already have their calls and some are just getting their papers ready.
The Stake called and asked President Turk and these Elders
to help with the training.
 The whole experience was fantastic.
There is an excitement with this work that is incredible.
 They listened carefully and were like sponges... soaking it all up.
 Chimbote is a fishing town.
Many fishing ships are right here in the harbor.
 Ships are safe in the harbor,  
but that’s not what ships are for!
 We are all the Lord’s ships…
And we are going fishing.  The Lord says in Matthew, Chapter four
"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men"

Here are some of the ships that are out of the harbor....
Elder Mecham and Elder Castillo
They are doing exactly what they should be at this time in their lives. 
And may I tell you that they are outstanding.

When I think of all of the lives they have touched and changed
by each of them leaving their safe harbor...
Oh how sad it would have been if they would have stayed home!

When my missionaries qualify themselves to have the spirit with them… 
They can confound the wise…. for they are given power from on high. 
They are teaching the Doctrine of Christ.
Leaving the Harbor is exciting and worth the risk to go 
be fishers of men.... Saving Souls!
Don't be afraid...  Just GO!

By the Way this ship is called the Grand Turk
it is out of the the harbor...

Get your ship out of the Harbor... NOW!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The President is Pounding the Pavement!

I love when the President is out in the field
with his missionaries.
Today he was with Elder Miranda and Elder Colonio.

They taught a couple of lessons.
One of the lessons they taught was supposed to be
to a mother and her two children.
But when they arrived the mother wasn't there...
Her children were there with the grandmother.
The grandmother had heard a couple of the lessons
but had not been progressing.
She had never been to church.
President asked her what she did on Sunday
that kept her from attending with her daughter
and grandchildren.  She told them 
that she was an artist and liked to go to 
some of the art shows.
But they asked her if she could just come once
to church and see what she felt.
She said that she could attend the art shows on Saturday
and that she would be to church on Sunday.
The little 10 year old granddaughter that has been
attending church....  looked at her grandmother and said...
"Grandma, you will feel so refreshed when you attend Church"

Out of the mouths of babes....

What a beautiful statement...
We do feel refreshed when we attend Church.
It is a time to renew and refocus and recommit
on the important things that we should be doing.

Remember we should not prioritize what's on our schedule
but we should schedule our priorities...
Church, Scriptures, Prayers, Family, Service
Oh how our lives fall into place
when we put the Lord first.

It was a special day for Elder Colonio.
After they taught their lessons today, he had an appointment
to receive his Patriarchal Blessing.
He was very excited.
A few or our missionaries come without
receiving their blessings so we make the arrangements here.
Thank you Elders for a great day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yo Ho... Yo Ho...

More training from the Palermo Zone 
only with a Pirate twist.
Zone Leaders Elder Cerpa and Elder Armstrong
are being a bit creative...   arghh!

 They want everyone to keep their eye on the true treasure...
making sure that their maps are accurate and focused.
 Assistants again are finding what our missionaries are made of...
Interviews today with the President were on personal prayer....
Each of these missionaries had tender stories
and testimonies of prayer.

They have seen miracles in their missionary work...
...In their families at home
...In their attitude and love for others
and in their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

 They have learned how important it is to come
to our Heavenly Father on bended knee
and sincerely converse with Him.
They have learned that a very important part of the prayer
is listening...  your thoughts and your heart will help you hear Him.
 19 ¶Lay not up for yourselves atreasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves bbreak through and steal:
 20 But lay up for yourselves atreasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor bsteal:
 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I will be praying for all these little pirates to make sure that they are seeking after the right treasure!
Palermo Zone....
Zone Leaders:  Elder Armstrong and Elder Cerpa
Hermanas:  Pocco, Sheridan, Gallaguillos and Jackson
Elders:  Pesantes, Merida, Perez, España, Iler and Sumi

Much Love Palermo...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little News Flash....

Penny and Tillman Turk

are going to have a new
Our score will be tied...
3 boys and 3 girls

Parker and Hali are expecting in June

Photos of Laureles Zone...

All in for interviews... We love the Laureles Zone

The mighty Zone Leaders are Elders May and Vera
Laureles Zone includes...
Hermanas: Jimenez, Rojas, Bond and Petherbridge
Elders:  Almazan, Alquizar, Herrera, 
May, Cottle, Vera, Johnson and Balas.