Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 11, 2013

Primavera Prayers...

We had the Primavera Zone in for Interviews today.
Elders: Herrera, Young, Chacon, Nye, Morgan, Coronado
Hermanas: Sandstrom, Cevallos, Diaz, Mori
Zone Leaders:  Olivares and Cook
Zone Leaders and Assistants were on their A game today
Many great things were happening in the trainings.
 One of our missionaries told this story about prayer today....
He said that when he was new with his trainer...
One day everything was just falling through.  They had three appointments
cancel on them.  So they went to their back up plans and they
fell through.  They were tired and frustrated and on top of everything
it started to rain.  They ran to a corner for some shelter.
 They pulled out their umbrella.  The new one was ready to head back to the
apartment and start over the next day.
 But his trainer said...
"Elder, we need to say a prayer"
So they bowed their heads there on the rainy street corner
and the senior companion offered the prayer.
 The young missionary said that he had never heard such a sincere
prayer offered.
The Elder said things like this in his prayer...
Heavenly Father... We are thy servants
please guide us, direct us to where thou
wouldst have us go.  We know that 
there are those that need us....
No sooner had they finished the prayer than
a sixteen year old boy, the son of their pensionista 
was walking passed them.
They asked if he knew anyone that they should 
go visit or teach.
He told them to go see his cousin who had been
baptized a year ago but had become less active.
They went over to her house.  She was excited to see them.
She needed an extra boost to feel comfortable going to church
again.  She also had many friends that they started to teach.
This young girl is now leaving on a mission
and some of her friends have been baptized.
A sincere prayer is always in whispering distance to heaven.

Hermana Sandstrom would like to thank her grandparents for having
puzzles in their home.  She and her team actually finished their
puzzle race in record time.
New shirts for all the Hermanas.

Elder Martinez, one of the new members of the office staff
is fitting right in.  We are excited to have him with us.
Primavera keep up the great work.... Nos Vemos Pronto!