Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little Presidents in Training...

President Turk interviewed all of these Elders this morning.
This is just part of the East Zone.
The other half is farther away and will come in on another day.
President has been talking about the phrase  "Pray Always" in his interviews
Many of the missionaries are learning for the first
time in their lives what is means to pray always.
They are also learning to pray for others besides their own families.
Prayer becomes a huge part of these missionaries lives.
If you count all the prayers that a missionary offers in a day
it is an amazing amount.
With their personal prayers, companionship prayers, prayers at lessons,
teaching others to pray, prayers at any church meetings or mission gatherings,
District meetings, Zone meetings, 
prayers for investigators, and a prayer in their heart always
before they teach or speak or train.
Many, many, many, many, many...

The missionaries are saying things like this to President Turk...
"When I started to pray, my life went from bitter to sweet."
"When I pray I feel I am being accountable to God."
"Miracles have happened through my prayers"
"I know what it means now to Cry unto the Lord"

So much growth comes on a mission.

 Elders Mendoza and Gamboa are the Zone Leaders for the East Zone.
They did some awesome training today... Thank you Elders.

Look who I caught in President Turk's office.
Elder Shimp feels comfortable in President's chair.

I know that many of these missionaries will be Presidents someday.
They are amazing and they just seem to be getting 
better and better.  They are all Presidents in training.

I hope they each feel comfortable in his chair....
We expect fantastic things from our missionaries.

The Church is in great hands with these extraordinary
young men and women.