Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Sanctuary is No More....

There was an incident that happened tonight that I am not proud of...
A ginormous cockroach (or two) invaded my bedroom 
which is my safe place...
He was climbing down the curtains right next to 
my side of the bed.
I started to hyperventilate... jumped out of the bed
my heart was pounding...
And guess what?  My husband was gone!
He was in Huaraz for interviews.

 I had to call him immediately.... 
and as I was telling him how horrible this thing was,
the cockroach started to go under the bed...
I was now very sick because I didn't know where he was...
I was not going back into my room.

 I was out of my room with my camera and the telephoto lens 
trying to find the creepy thing... 
All of a sudden there was one at my door.
This was at the other end of the room...

Holy Moly... I was now in a fever pitch tone
on the phone still with the President...

The one that was closest to me... I threw a paper cup on top of him...
and screamed and dry heaved at the same time...
I then grabbed one of my huacos to hold the cup down.
My whole body was shaking and shivering.

President told me that he was on the other line with the Elders.
He told Elder Fackrell and Elder Smith
that I was not going to be able to sleep unless they
ran over and took care of the problem.

About three minutes later... 
my trustee office Elders were doing a shake down
of my bedroom and bedding.  Elder Smith got the one that I covered and
threw him out of the window.  He wanted to flush him down
a toilet but that would have given me very- very bad dreams.
Cockroaches never die, they just get bigger and meaner in the sewer...
and come up and find you.

The Elders looked everywhere for the other one... no luck.
We think that it could have been the same roach,
 he was just very fast.
These Elders are my heroes.

Although, I am pretty sure that if a cockroach 
came running at one of these Elders
they would have screamed too.
Oh how I wanted this to happen right here to Elder Fackrell.
Just the other morning I ran down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast
 and as I pushed the swinging door open
a giant cockroach ran right towards me.  I screamed
and ran and Lucy grabbed the broom and went to town
after that thing.  She got the nasty guy... Needless to say I lost my appetite.

It is summer time here remember and this is when the little critters 
come out to play.... I have seen them in the garage...
but never in my bedroom or kitchen.
I am not happy.
Do you think I am going to sleep a wink tonight?
Not a chance!