Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 7, 2013

Revolving Door....

The greatest meeting of all to me in the mission
is the goodbye testimonies of the missionaries leaving.

They are so tender and there is such a change in the
missionaries from when they began. 
 They are now mature, grateful men and women.
When missionaries arrive they feel like a mission is their duty.
When they leave they know that it was an honor and a privilege
to serve the Lord for two short years.
Not a duty but a huge blessing!
We will miss these missionaries dearly.
But they have great things in store for them.
Elders Sanchez, Shaw, Aburto, Calisaya, Mendoza, Rodriguez 
 Araneda and Hermana Galindo...  just hold to the rod.
We said our sad goodbyes and then
we went to the other part of the airport and "Voila"
Our new ones were waiting for us...

Six new ones tonight and 2 more tomorrow night.
We will tell you all about them tomorrow.

Our heart is filled to the brim with love....
What a beautiful place to be!