Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Office is Different... What's Happening?

 This morning I still couldn't go to the office because of my hideous coughing.
So, I sent my camera and look at the photos that came back to me.

Elder Smith has moved in.... Wow, Welcome Elder Smith

Elder Cook is packing his bags....
This is difficult for me... he has been in the office for a record breaking 
amount of time. (ouch)  But never fear...
He will be moving to Primavera as one of the Zone Leaders.
He will be Fantastic there.

Elder Martinez is taking over in the mail room. 
 Elder Guerrero is heading back out in the field too.
Elder Guerrero is so happy to be leaving.
He has to be a little bitter because he just finished the 
dreaded Christmas Season in the Mail room.
This means a lot of standing in all the very long lines for the 
packages at the post office and in customs 
and then hiring taxis to haul all the goods back to the office
 and then carrying them up 
and down all the flights of stairs...  sorting them, 
getting them back in taxis
and delivering them to 4 different bus stations
so that your child can receive their starbursts from home.
He really did it with a smile and never has the mail room 
run so smoothly.  Thank you Elder Guerrero

Looks like Elder Smith already feels very comfortable in the finance office.
I'm sure that Elder Cook is telling Elder Smith to get out of his chair until
the changes happen, which are Monday and Tuesday.

Here is some of the Great training that is taking place in the Financial District
in the Peru Trujillo Mission....

"Elder Smith...  Don't ever use the mouse without the pad."

"And this, Elder Smith, is my favorite flying toaster screen saver.
You can change it but you won't find anything better
than this sweet little wonder"

I should not even tease like this.
What these elders do is sacred dedicated service
for the Lord and for the mission...
and on top of all this they are baptizing regularly.

Most missions have senior couples that help run the finances,
and the health and the records etc...

Not us... we have the most capable Elders ever!
Thank you sooooo much Elder Cook and Elder Guerrero.
We will miss you!