Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ships are Leaving the Harbor!

A bunch of young adults gathered together in Chimbote
for a pre mission MTC experience.
Some already have their calls and some are just getting their papers ready.
The Stake called and asked President Turk and these Elders
to help with the training.
 The whole experience was fantastic.
There is an excitement with this work that is incredible.
 They listened carefully and were like sponges... soaking it all up.
 Chimbote is a fishing town.
Many fishing ships are right here in the harbor.
 Ships are safe in the harbor,  
but that’s not what ships are for!
 We are all the Lord’s ships…
And we are going fishing.  The Lord says in Matthew, Chapter four
"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men"

Here are some of the ships that are out of the harbor....
Elder Mecham and Elder Castillo
They are doing exactly what they should be at this time in their lives. 
And may I tell you that they are outstanding.

When I think of all of the lives they have touched and changed
by each of them leaving their safe harbor...
Oh how sad it would have been if they would have stayed home!

When my missionaries qualify themselves to have the spirit with them… 
They can confound the wise…. for they are given power from on high. 
They are teaching the Doctrine of Christ.
Leaving the Harbor is exciting and worth the risk to go 
be fishers of men.... Saving Souls!
Don't be afraid...  Just GO!

By the Way this ship is called the Grand Turk
it is out of the the harbor...

Get your ship out of the Harbor... NOW!