Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Luke... I am your Father!

Look at this new one....
He has been with us for a little over a month

This is definitely the face of excitement and of focus.

And below is a picture of one of our trainers...
He has the face of experience and confidence.

It is so beautiful how the two come together
and balance each other out and create friendships and trust 
that will last forever.

The trainer will always call his new one his Son...
and thus begins the relationship chains that are created
throughout the mission

This is a beautiful batch of sons and daughters..

Below is Elder Contreras with his son - Elder Oropeza

Elder Chatwin is the Father to ... Elder Calvas

Elder Flansberg with his son ... Elder Leon

Elder Camarena is with his son... Elder Ataurina

Elder Espinoza is now the son of Elder Zapata

Elder Chun's son is Elder Barrio.

Hermana Pillco's daughter is Hermana Villanueva

And Elder Palma's son is Elder Zavaleta. 
These Elders and Hermanas will always remember who trained them.
That is why this assignment is the most important 
in the mission.  It sets the pattern of excellence 
for each of our new ones.
Who's your daddy?  Do you remember?

We sure are lucky to have these great trainers!