Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pepperoni Rolls...

All our new ones that have been here for a month
were in today for some fine tuning
and a little pizza.
 We had two small boxes of pepperoni rolls leftover....
 So of course I had them play a game to win them.
Our missions are to be enjoyed not just endured, Right?
So, we work really hard and play a little too.
I love happy- hardworking- well fed- missionaries.
 This group is special....
We are looking forward to seeing great things from them.
New Ones: Elder Orellana, Elder King, Elder Dow, Elder Guerra,
Elder Chacon, Elder Castillo, Elder Atuña,
Elder Montesino, Elder Oropeza

Their Trainers:  Elder Alva, Elder Romney, Elder Morales, Elder Quispe,
Elder Jensen, Elder Chacon, Elder Casanova, Elder Young, Elder Espinal

Office Elders:  Elders Mecham, Castillo, Martinez, Castillo, Smith,
not pictured Elder Fackrell... he was on the phone as usual.