Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, December 30, 2011


It was very difficult to say goodbye to my children
and grandchildren
and my niece Annie.

Oh please let them arrive home safely and please let the babies
travel well and be happy.
(Here is Papa T with Griff and Walker in their Peruvian Soccer Jerseys)

What a sacrifice for Landon and Molly to bring them to see us.
What a joy to be with them for a week.
Now I am home from the airport
picking up toys and a few tears are running down my cheeks.

Yes...  It hurts!
But tomorrow they will skype me and I will be back on track.
(Annie is so fantastic with the babies... what a gift she has)

We are so blessed.
We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ
that puts everything into perspective.
We know what is important in life
and where to turn for peace and happiness.

I have never experienced so much joy in my life.
Thank goodness for my fantastic husband.
We love to be together always.
We are having the greatest time every single day.

Tomorrow will bring some new baptisms
and some great stories from my missionaries.

I'm feeling better already!

Guest Post: Griffin Turk Watts

Guest Post - by Griffy

I've had a blast here in Peru with Mama and Papa T.  
Mama knew how much I loved the silly guys (Huacos) 
that she has on her desk so she setup an appointment 
for me to go make my favorite, the Monkey.

We had to pat the clay and make it thin like a pancake
and then put it into the mold really carefully 
so that the monkey would be perfect.

Unfortunately, the Huacos take
up to 5 days to finish them so I decided to leave it for Mama T 
to pick up and then she can show me on Skype next week.

After I made the monkey, Papa T took us to Huaca de la Luna 
which is a huge temple on top of the mountain.  I climbed it all by myself.

I was sooo hungry after the climb to the top of the mountain 
that I needed to get something to eat fast.  
Luckily Mama T arranged for us to meet the missionaries 
at the mall for some pizza.  
But she had another huge surprise in store for me, a TRAMPOLINE! 
My dad tried to help me jump but I told him to get off 
because I am big and could do it all by myself.

See?  Look how high I can jump.

Walker and I love you Mama and Papa T.... 
we can't wait for another Peruvian Christmas! 

Love, Griff

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Post by Annie the Nanny...

Guest Post by our Niece Annie Ashby

I am so happy that I was able to come to Peru 
with Molly, Landon and their kids.

It was good that they had an extra pair of hands on the trip
for babies, luggage, tickets and my great Español.

It has been a blast to be able to understand and communicate
to all the Peruvians.  Thanks to Mr. Root in Spanish 4.
It is finally paying off.

We went shopping today.
Look at the jackpot we hit.  I was a bargaining fool.
They loved that I would try to get the price down
on anything and everything.

For a few soles I brought all of this.
I love Trujillo the shoe Capital of Peru.

I have felt right at home being around all 
of the black name tags and missionaries.
I lived in Uruguay for three years while my 
Dad served as the mission president
in Montevideo.  It was when I was 10 to 13 years old.
I am now fifteen.
I talked to one of the missionaries serving here from Uruguay 
and he was happy to hear my distinct accent from Uruguay.
I miss the stories and the spirit that I felt again here.

It is sad to leave but maybe I can return before 
the Turks finish their mission.
But I have fun memories that I will always remember.

!!! Viva Perú !!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We're Expanding....

With these new ones heading out in the field today ... 
We are able to open eight new areas
Yabba Dabba!

These new ones are ready to work hard.  Bring it on!

I had the chance to get to know our new ones today for an hour and a half
while the President was training their trainers.

Here are a few fun facts about the new Fifteen...

Hermana Doxey was a Boy Scout Camp Cook for hundreds of scouts
Elder Shintaku has a Business Degree from ASU
Elder Chatwin built Furniture, was a plumber and an Electrician 
Hermana Bond has a Goal to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Elder Vanden Bosch Played Soccer at Dixie College
Elder Nye is a Track Star -Scholarship after mission
Elder Morgan Worked in a graveyard
Elder Albujar is a Folk Dancing Specialist
Elder Hales is a High School State Champ in Baseball twice
Elder Hyde Played Football at the U of U and worked at Hot dog on a Stick
Elder Fackrell is a Autobody Specialist
Elder Levos has a Fake front tooth
Elder Romney Won a car in a competition
Elder Miranda's Goal is to learn English and finish at the University
Elder Randall is a Published researcher in antioxidants

Interesting Group... Si?

Here are a few of the winners of the games today...
Elder Shintaku

Elder Romney

 and Hermana Bond

Here are the new Assignments and Trainers...
Hermana Bond is being trained by Hermana Avendaño
in the area California.
Elder Chatwin is being trained by Elder Sandoval
in Casa Grande

Elder Levos is being trained by Elder Qualls
and assigned to the Casma Zone

Elder Nye is being trained by Elder Chun
in Huaraz

Hermana Doxey is being trained by Hermana McVey
in Huaraz

Elder Hales is being trained by Elder Mikesell
in Carhuaz in Huaraz

Elder Vanden Bosch is being trained by Elder Fuentealba
and they are in Caraz

Elder Randall is being trained by Elder Frietz
in Buenos Aires in Trujillo

Elder Hyde is being trained by Elder Shaw 
and they will be in Huamachuco

Elder Miranda is being trained by Elder Aburto
in Esperanza
Elder Romney is being trained by Elder Vélez
in Cartavio

Elder Albujar's trainer is Elder Chicche
and they are serving in the East Stake

Elder Shintaku is being trained by Elder Vilchez
in Chimbote

Elder Morgan is being trained by Elder Bulmini
and they are in Chau

Elder Fackrell is being trained by Elder Gamboa
and they are serving in Virú

Love the New Ones...  This is a Fantastic Bunch.

Come What May and Love it!

Funny Story...

 Little News Flash...

This is a photo of our Elder Cook 
who has been here in our mission for a few months.
He is wearing the Brigham Young shirt.

When he received his call in the mail,  
he invited his friends over to open it with him.
They all guessed where he would go and his mother made a basket
for the winner.  His friend  Gavin Hales guessed that he would
get called to Peru.  He won the basket.

Three months later this friend, Gavin Hales, received his call 
and it was to the exact same mission as his friend Elder Cook
OUR MISSION - Trujillo Peru!

Today Elder Hales arrived with the new group.
It will be great to watch this reunion of Elder Cook and Elder Hales.

I am sure they will serve together somewhere down the road.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New and Improved...

Look at our new welcoming committee
Elder Richards our new financial secretary, Elder Brian is taking over
for Elder Glasgow and Elder Marquez in going out as a Zone Leader
I will introduce you to his replacement soon.
And then of course my Grandson Griff is there along with Elder Vera.

Our new ones arrived safe and sound.

First stop always at the Temple grounds...

You will see who is training them and where they are assigned tomorrow.
Tune in...

Griffy at the Horse Show

Griff our grandson has been waiting for the day
when he could take some carrots and feed the horses
at the Horse show.
By the time the show had started he
had eaten half the carrots himself.
He did save a couple to feed the horses later.

Quite the show...
The Marinera Dancers were fantastic.
 The horses know a lot of dance moves themselves.
 Very fun...
We had the Esperanza Zone with us today on their Preparation Day.
Because of holidays and New ones arriving
the Pdays were different this week.

Griff loved the horses and so did all the missionaries.
We have loved having our niece Annie with us too.

On with the show...

Just a perfect little afternoon.
Now we are off to pick up our new ones.

The Pelican Brief...

We went with the Central Zone to the Beach to play volleyball
and to take the grand babies to build sandcastles.
We were all just playing and having a great time
Griff was building something spectacular...
Then all of a sudden it was like a scene out of jaws...
Everyone came running and screaming.
 This disgruntled pelican came and took over our beach
and Griffy's sand toys.

President Turk wasn't going to stand for it.
He went and tried to chase him away, but no budging.
He threw sand at him, yelled at him, ran at him ...
and the bird stood his ground.
The President gave up.
Even the men on the beach tried to move him... but to no avail.
Elder Frietz had had enough, "Nobody disrespects my President"  he said.
My daughter Molly was catching all of this on camera.
It happened really quickly
The other Elders were used as a little distraction...
and then wham...
the bird didn't  know what hit him.
Elder Frietz was on top of the pelican in an instant.
I think Elder Frietz was asking him nicely to please share the beach.
The bird got the message and backed way off.
Elder Frietz grabbed him by the beak and walked him away.

No Pelican was harmed during the making of this blog post.

And no Elder will ever do this again!