Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Mighty Missionaries... the Zone Leaders!

Look who was singing the special number today.
I bet you can guess if I give you a few clues.
See how dirty the shoes are?
Usually doesn't happen for the Zone Leader Concilio.
These Elders are a little Rural.
You can see who they are by the picture of their heads 
at the end of this post.

Here are our six new Zone Leaders.
We are excited to watch them lead and guide their Zones.
Elder Lopez, Elder Berroterán, Elder Facer, Elder Whitehead, Elder Contreras
and Elder Mendoza.  Welcome to all of you.

Elder Lopez and Elder Arena achieved their goals again this month.
Elder Arena is a Star.  He is a top achiever month after month.
Elder Lopez is new and is loving the training from one of the best.

Also achieving their goals this month...
Elder Gomez and Elder Brito.

Elder Brito you look great in Green!

After training and a great lunch
It was time for some Service...
and they do it with a smile every single time.
There is not a grumpy one among them.
They are all very stylish missionaries when it comes to 
hard workin' clothes.

You will also notice in this picture below
that my head cowboy from Casma is really ready to work.
Elder Pickett is wearing his gloves.
He is a hard worker from a ranch in Idaho.
He will have to teach the others how to keep up.
But they are ready, trust me. 
You can´t find any better missionaries than these...
or again any cuter outfits.
Oh they will love that I call them outfits.

One of the big groups caught the first taxis and I missed taking their picture.
But here are a few of the stragglers
bringing up the rear.
Elders Escobar, Contreras, Barinas and Márquez

You can tell we are in the Summer months here.
No suits for the pictures.
If the President takes his suit coat off ... the Elders peel theirs off too.

Our Zone Leaders:
Briones, Romero, Brito, Uribe,
Valdivia, Mendoza, Retamal, Gomez,
Whitehead, Contreras, Lopez, Barinas, Berroteran, Yat, Arena,
Farnsworth, Hannemann, Arthur, Wright, Munson,
Terry, Pickett, Facer, Hargis

Office staff:
Andersen, Vera, Glasgow, Brian, Marquez and Escobar

Below are the heads that belong to the feet at the top.
Two are the Cowboys from Casma.
Two are from Chimbote Sur.
I´m pretty sure that at the next concilio 
we are going to see some really shiny shoes.

(Elders: Facer, Mendoza, Terry, Pickett)

Thank you ...  Thank you,  Zone Leaders.
We love you all more than you will ever know!