Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Pelican Brief...

We went with the Central Zone to the Beach to play volleyball
and to take the grand babies to build sandcastles.
We were all just playing and having a great time
Griff was building something spectacular...
Then all of a sudden it was like a scene out of jaws...
Everyone came running and screaming.
 This disgruntled pelican came and took over our beach
and Griffy's sand toys.

President Turk wasn't going to stand for it.
He went and tried to chase him away, but no budging.
He threw sand at him, yelled at him, ran at him ...
and the bird stood his ground.
The President gave up.
Even the men on the beach tried to move him... but to no avail.
Elder Frietz had had enough, "Nobody disrespects my President"  he said.
My daughter Molly was catching all of this on camera.
It happened really quickly
The other Elders were used as a little distraction...
and then wham...
the bird didn't  know what hit him.
Elder Frietz was on top of the pelican in an instant.
I think Elder Frietz was asking him nicely to please share the beach.
The bird got the message and backed way off.
Elder Frietz grabbed him by the beak and walked him away.

No Pelican was harmed during the making of this blog post.

And no Elder will ever do this again!