Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Love These New Ones...

Just look at these beamers!
The new ones are dynamos and their trainers have been fantastic.
They have had some bumps and bruises in their first few weeks
but this is normal.
Homesickness, language barriers, long schedules, 
body aches and pains,
 a lot of studying, cultural differences
You name it, they have gone through it
all within the time frame of one month.
But they are tough and they are finding out who they really are
and what they are made of.

They had time to ask questions 
and receive answers today with the President
as they were being taught and trained.

Of course we had to play a game or two for the extra
Hamburgers and Fries...

Todays choice...  Musical Chairs 

And Listo.... Cae

Everything is going great for our new ones.
They are almost not the new ones anymore.
We get a new crop on the 27th... right around the corner.