Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Record...

President Turk and I had to run to Tottus yesterday 
to pick up a few things.
Tottus is like our Walmart.

Look who we ran into.
I could see the mattresses over all the crowds of Christmas shoppers.
I grabbed the president and said...
"Oh, no way"
President didn't know what I was talking about or what I was seeing.

 I was right.  It was our mattress Kings.  Yes Plural now.
You see Elder Richards, on the right, is being trained as the new financial
Secretary.  Elder Brian was just trained as the Financial Secretary.
But now he is being trained as the Personal Secretary to the President
So Elder Facer, the Previous Financial Secretary is in to cover the new training
for Elder Richards so that Elder Brian can be trained by Elder Glasgow
as the Personal Secretary to the President.
Got it?

I think having three of them together certainly made them more
confident that they could get 10 mattresses on the Patriarch's taxi.

It was a huge success!
They strapped those babies down good and tight and 
everything went well.

We have another 20 Elders and 2 sisters coming
in a few days.  We have to have their rooms ready.
We are opening 8 new areas.

They had these mattresses tied down well before they left with them.
Patriarch really knows his capabilities.

And I said some very sincere prayers
as I walked away.