Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve with Molly

It's been so fun having our daughter Molly and her family here.

This is Walker Nash Watts with Papa T.
I am showing you his fangs that came in first.
Our little vampire baby.

Our niece, Annie Ashby went with us to a special baptism
for my sweet Nicole.  Annie sang "I am a Child of God" in Spanish 
and this little Nicole had tears running down her cheeks.
She is special.  Her family is being baptized soon.

Griffin is still learning to drive his car.  He is loving it.

Walker is trying to keep up with him.

Christmas eve we had the office Elders over for 
dinner and devotional and games.
This was our singing time with the Bells.
They loved them.  Thanks Amy.

Annie had them drawing Christmas scenes on their heads without
looking.  The winner got a great prize.

Elder Vera and Elder Glasgow won the drawing competitions.

We played ring toss, the candy bar game and a couple more
before we broke out the sparklers 
and the Hot fudge brownie delights.

Landon and Molly are doing the authentic Peruvian
Sparkler dance before Papa Noel's visit.

We had a beautiful Christmas day.  Our missionaries all got to Skype
their families.  I hope they all went well.

We have some fun activities planned
 this week with the family
and also a new batch of missionaries
arrive on Tuesday.  Yippy!