Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cowboys of Casma... Yee Haw!

I spent the day in Casma with these Elders.
I have driven through Casma many times but never stopped
for a visit.  Now that we have a district there
we will be here often.
This is the new Casma Zone.
I think since I lost my cowboys in Cajamarca
that these might be my new Cowboys.
YES... The Cowboys of Casma!
Let me introduce you to my new Cowboys...

Elder Rengifo
Elder España
 Elder Minaya
 Elder Rodriguez
Elder Alva
 Elder DelaFuente
 Elder Ipi
 Elder Martinez
 Elder Hoyos
 Elder Prebe
 Elder Qualls
Elder Oroxom
 And the Zone Leaders
Elder Pickett
  and Elder Facer

If you are a cowboy it means that you...

Love to work hard from morning until night.

It means that your cattle is more important than anything.

It means that there are no excuses, you get the job done... no matter what.

It means that you are not afraid to get dirty ... you jump in with both feet.

Cowboys know everything about their horses and they take good care of them.

Cowboys are known for being on the frontier and forging new paths

Cowboys love what they do and it shows on their faces and by their actions.

Cowboys enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and give thanks constantly.

Cowboys are efficient with their time and use it wisely
or they could lose some of their valuable cattle.

These young men are totally capable in every way.
They are given tools that will help them see progress and success.
We pray that they will help the people in Casma and the surrounding
areas to grow and thrive and see their lives flourish.
Just like a Cowboy out on the Frontier.
We Love You ... COWBOYS!