Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Success in the Plaza!

We had another successful program in the plaza on Thursday night.

It was successful because of my brute squad.
We could not have done it without these Elders.

 or these Elders...

or these Elders

 And these children were darling....
until Joseph started to stick straw down the costumes
of the three wisemen.
Mary was not amused.
But the Shepherds bonked him with the shepherd staff
and it was chaos in the stable as usual.

All of the missionaries looked spectacular
and sounded even better.
Just look at that backdrop!

The three kings rose to the occasion and made me very happy...

Elder Bulmini ended the show with "Como Puedo Ser"
with a slide show of our missionaries
showing the audience what missionaries do.

And for the big finale
the choir parts and out comes Papa Noel
our Area Doctor...
Dr. Gough.

This was our Thursday group at our rehearsal in the afternoon.
Great Job everyone.
You really were Fantastic.