Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, December 30, 2011


It was very difficult to say goodbye to my children
and grandchildren
and my niece Annie.

Oh please let them arrive home safely and please let the babies
travel well and be happy.
(Here is Papa T with Griff and Walker in their Peruvian Soccer Jerseys)

What a sacrifice for Landon and Molly to bring them to see us.
What a joy to be with them for a week.
Now I am home from the airport
picking up toys and a few tears are running down my cheeks.

Yes...  It hurts!
But tomorrow they will skype me and I will be back on track.
(Annie is so fantastic with the babies... what a gift she has)

We are so blessed.
We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ
that puts everything into perspective.
We know what is important in life
and where to turn for peace and happiness.

I have never experienced so much joy in my life.
Thank goodness for my fantastic husband.
We love to be together always.
We are having the greatest time every single day.

Tomorrow will bring some new baptisms
and some great stories from my missionaries.

I'm feeling better already!