Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Griffy at the Horse Show

Griff our grandson has been waiting for the day
when he could take some carrots and feed the horses
at the Horse show.
By the time the show had started he
had eaten half the carrots himself.
He did save a couple to feed the horses later.

Quite the show...
The Marinera Dancers were fantastic.
 The horses know a lot of dance moves themselves.
 Very fun...
We had the Esperanza Zone with us today on their Preparation Day.
Because of holidays and New ones arriving
the Pdays were different this week.

Griff loved the horses and so did all the missionaries.
We have loved having our niece Annie with us too.

On with the show...

Just a perfect little afternoon.
Now we are off to pick up our new ones.