Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Dad is 80... Happiest Birthday!

It's my dad's birthday today.
It seems like I was just blogging about his last birthday.
Time is flying by.
I just talked to him on the phone.
I wished him a Happy Birthday.
and then I cried.
I miss you Dad.
(mis padres y mis hijos)

I really do miss him
but the tears could have been from the 
mushrooms they just found growing out of the ceiling
in President Turk's office bathroom.

There was a leak from upstairs.
It was leaking the whole time we were gone last week.
We came back
and "Voila"
Mushrooms coming out of the tiled ceiling.

I cried.

So see, I might be crying because I miss my Dad
because I am so grossed out by the 
fungus among us.
Thank goodness it was at the office and not the Mission Home.

Folks, I am sorry to be so graphic
but I want you to know that 
it's not all a bed of roses!

'Shrooms Happen!

(Men are containing the spores as we speak... YES!)