Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday on the Beach... Well, the Church on the Beach!

We went to visit the Haunchaco Ward today where 
Elder Olivares is training Elder Prestwich.
The Church building is right across from the beach
and it faces the ocean.
President Turk was invited to speak and sit on the stand.
I stayed in the audience and Elder Prestwich sat by me and 
translated for me.  He did a very nice job.

 He's catching on to the language very quickly.
He did use his hands a lot. 
I think he was mixing sign language in with his new Spanish.
We laughed about it.
Elder Olivares also spoke in church and did an excellent job.

 Look at this cute herd of up and coming missionaries.
They make me happy.
I was sitting behind the two on the left in Sacrament Meeting.
I was entertained the whole time.
Look at them... it is hard to resist not squishing their cheeks.
I am like an old great Auntie coming to kiss and pinch and Squeeze.

 This sister was just baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.
She received the Gift of the Holy Ghost today.
It is absolutely the most incredible gift we have been given
besides the Gift of our Savior.

I thank my Heavenly Father for this Gift constantly.
I have never felt such strong promptings in all my life
as I have here on the mission.
I testify that the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead.
He has all knowledge, all wisdom and all power.

Who wants to be without this glorious Gift?
I don't!

Let's focus on this Gift that we already have for Christmas.

If you don't have this gift...
find and talk to missionaries today
and you too can have this companionship of the Holy Ghost
leading and guiding and comforting and testifying to you.

I promise it will change your life forever!