Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mish Mash

These are my three grandsons...
Tillman, Griff and Walker.
They are planning and plotting a way to get back
to Peru to see their Mama T.
They are the best... 
Pretty Penny, our granddaughter, 
is smart to stay out of this trouble.

We had Family Home Evening with Lucy's family last night.
We went to the mall and ate hamburgers
which they have never had.
We taught them how to have FHE.
We taught a lesson from the friend magazine
and then we played games and had ice cream sundaes.
It was very fun.

President Turk was in Villa del Mar today with 
Elder Machaca and Elder Flansberg.
They were with President Huamani
the Branch President there too.
Behind them is the Casa Capilla. (House Chapel)

President Turk and the Elders were in a home 
teaching a 17 year old young man
and his parents came in and sat down to listen
and then his aunt and uncle showed up.
The aunt had a problem with her leg.  
She and her husband asked for a blessing.
And now all of them want to come to church with us on Sunday
and continue the lessons.

President Turk and I are attending the Villa del Mar Branch.
We are excited to be with them.
See you Sunday!

Beautiful Baptisms...

I wish that we could attend
every baptism each week here in the mission.

It would be impossible.
There were over 50 baptisms this week.
The baptisms usually take place on Saturday and then
they are all confirmed on Sunday.
Here are just a few photos from this last weekend

The missionaries are busier than ever.
This means that they are happier than ever too.

We get on our knees and pray hard
and then we get up on our feet and go to work.
We love this work.
We testify that this is the work of the Lord on the Earth.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is Miguel....

This is Miguel.
President Baptized him yesterday.
I told you his story a couple of posts ago.
He is the last in the family to be baptized.
Everyone was thrilled to see this family complete.

He has two sons serving missions right now
in Mexico and Argentina.
Miguel and his wife were both baptized 
while their sons have been serving.

Their daughter was baptized with her older brothers.
Now they just have the youngest six year old that is looking
forward to turning eight so that he can get baptized.

Elder Hurley and Elder Meza also had these other baptisms that day.
The baptismal service was fantastic.
Great work Elders!

Food Glorious Food

President Turk was busy again making Pancakes and eggs
for the office Elders on Saturday Morning.
He has pancakes once every six weeks.

He puts on a different apron every time.
Today he was quite colorful
but nobody cared what he was wearing
as long as the food was hot and plentiful.
Welcome to the life of a Mother...

He makes everyone very happy
because he will keep cooking as long as they keep eating.

It's so good you lick your plate clean...
Well, Elder Andersen does anyway.

After you eat and lick your plate clean
You have to find a place to just sprawl out like Elder Richards.

Along with the office Elders for breakfast, 
we had Elder Facer and Elder Hargis.
Elder Facer just got back from Lima
and we were happy to host these Zone Leaders as well.

All of these Elders earn these pancakes.
They are hard working and will do anything and everything
for the mission.

Thank you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hurley and Meza...

 When the President was out with Elder Hurley and Elder Meza
they taught several lessons, made several contacts,
visited the Bishop's family and the Pesionista
and saw their apartment...
 They also visited with Kevin who is fifteen and taught him another lesson.
He will be baptized tomorrow...
 And then they went to a family's home who have two sons serving missions.
When they left on their missions neither one of their parents
were members of the church.
Their parents had never been married.
The mother wanted in the worst way to get baptized.
She had attended church for over a year.
She finally went to her husband and said
"I love you
but I have to get baptized.
That means you either marry me or you will have to leave."
 He married her and we went to her baptism
several months ago.
The sons were so happy.
The Father has taken the lessons but hasn't been able
to quit drinking.
The President talked to this Father.
He hadn't been drinking for a few weeks.
He wanted to get baptized but was afraid
he would fall.
President Turk gave him a blessing.
He talked to him about baptism
today he passed his interview for baptism.

the President is baptizing him.

The missionary sons are going to return 
from their missions 
with both parents baptized while they were serving.

Oh Happy Day!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Contributor from the Past!

This is Elder Brent Hunsaker.
For those of you just joining my blog,  He was the first Assistant
to President Turk when we Arrived.
He was called by President Mora and then continued with President Turk.
Here's the funny thing... He's from Mesa and President Turk was 
his Stake President when he left for his mission.
In fact President Turk set him apart and in his setting apart,
which his mother took notes... 
He talked about the close relationship he would have with
his mission president.
President Turk was talking about himself and he didn't know it.
He had no idea that he would be called as a Mission President
and serving in Trujillo with Elder Hunsaker a year later.

Elder Hunsaker sent me this story...
He will be our guest blogger for the day.

In my first area called Cachipampa, we found ourselves teaching a family of an older lady named Felicitas and her grandson, Gerardo when all of a sudden we heard the back door slam as Antobeli, Felicitas’ son came storming in, quickly glanced over at us and said, “I don’t believe in God, don’t even try”…  Well, that’ll sure make a missionary smile!  We tried to shrug it off and kept teaching the dear family.  The next day we were there again teaching the family as Antobeli walked by almost exactly like the day before declaring, “I love to drink and I love to smoke Elders, and I still don’t believe in God, just keep teaching my family, not me!”  Well after several similarly repeated events as such, we found ourselves walking back to our room with our heads hung very, very low thinking quite seriously to just give up on our friend Antobeli for the time being.  As we arrived, pondered, and dropped to our knees to cry unto Heavenly Father for his fatherly guidance, WE FELT IT!  Yup, that’s right, you guessed it!  “One more effort.”  The very next day we raced over to Antobeli’s house and found him there and this time he had serious questions about The Church of Jesus Christ.  In that short time frame between having the Spirit of the Lord tell us “One more effort” to the time we made it back to Antobeli’s house, the Lord worked wonders and eventually, America Antobeli Cerna Mendoza made the decision to be baptized exactly as Jesus Christ was.  Now, a peculiar lesson is learned in this story as well.  When the Lord speaks to us, to our hearts (feelings, sensations, desires, love) or our minds (new ideas, revelations, thoughts) He fully expects us to go and do and make your personal “One more effort” immediately!  King Benjamin beautifully explains this principle as he declares in
Mosiah 2: 24
… “He doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you...
 Elder Brent Hunsaker

This is Antobeli.  He just received his mission call to Mexico.
He will be a fantastic missionary.

Thanks Elder Hunsaker for this story...
We miss and love you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look Who We Were With Today...

Our New Ones were back in Trujillo today for our Conference
with the Trainers and Trainees.

They survived the first month in the field...

Our North Americans are battling Language barriers, Culture shock,
Strict Schedules, Strange Food, Bugs both in the body and out of the body....
You name it...  It is different and difficult.

 But they showed up with big smiles....
And it makes me Smile and Cry.

I Love them.  They are doing exactly what the Lord wants them
to do at this time.

They are humble and teachable and they are ready to 
Save Some Souls!

Oh how I wish that everyone had the opportunity to see what I see,
Feel what I feel, and experience this piece of Heaven for even a day.

And for a little important piece of information...
Elder Vanden Bosch was the big winner of the extra Big Mac today.

It is a privilege to work along side your 
sons and daughters.

I will never forget the time I was in Utah
at BYU's Giant football stadium for the 
24th of July Pioneer Celebration.
They walked all of the missionaries from the 
Provo MTC down to the middle of the football field.
You could see this huge herd of
Missionaries coming down over the hill and flood onto 
the field. Hundreds and Hundreds of Missionaries.
 My heart was pounding out of my chest.
It was the same feeling I had when the missionaries in the Provo
Mission marched in the 4th of July Parade
and everyone stood up and cheered the loudest for 
the Lord's Army of Missionaries.

I feel like we walk on sacred ground
when we are dealing with
these young men and women
that the Lord is molding and shaping 
and using as instruments in building 
The Kingdom of God on the Earth.

I know He Lives and Love Us.
He knows who we are.

From Dust to Dust...

Yes it's raining ashes again...

The sugar cane fields are burning and 
big chunks of ashes are falling from the sky.
Not a big deal...
Just don't touch them when they land on your white shirt.
You have to blow them off so you don't 
leave a black mark.

You can't see the ashes in the picture above,
but look below, this is what is coming down on you all day long
during the burning of the sugarcane fields.

When you are out in the farming communities 
you get the good with the bad...
the beauty of the open fields and the mountains
and the dirt and black soot from the burn.

From dust to dust and ashes to ashes!

President brought home a lot of ashes with him
from this work visit.
And he loved every second of it.

Zone Leaders - Elder Briones and Elder DelaFuente
and the Assistants - Elder Wright and Elder Andersen
did splits out in the Laredo area

Along with the President who was with 
Elder Arteaga and Elder Lobaton.

Look closely and you will see four missionaries 
on a typical street in Perú.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh the Peruvian Life...

Here are just a few things I have learned from living in Perú..
I really have known all this but it is emphasized by living here.

I have learned that you can be completely happy no matter where you live
if you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Church is the same everywhere... (just in a different language)
but it has the same affect on people.
Lives are lifted, People have purpose, Hopes are higher,
 Talents and abilities improve, Families grow closer,
Cleanliness is Craved!
People are truly trying to be more like Jesus Christ every day.

When people have lived in the ugliness of the world
and they find the Gospel of Jesus Christ... And truly want to change,
It is beautiful.

I have learned that people can live without a lot of the junk
they think they need to make their lives happy.  
In fact, life is better without all the stuff that clutters your life 
and takes up your time and uses your money.

(viz... the latest accessories, clothing, gym passes, hard bodies, 
tanning sprays, botox, facials, constant shopping, hair extensions, 
big homes, expensive furnishings, the latest cars, country clubs, etc...)

There is nothing as motivating as feeling our Heavenly Father's love for us.

No matter what happens in your life...
No matter who is on your side...
 No matter what people think of you...
You can feel whole and peaceful as long 
as you are confident to stand in the presence of God.

Keeping the commandments is how to have peace in our lives.
Carrying sin is the heaviest weight known to man.
It will break you down and destroy you faster than anything.
Those that think they can have one foot in Babylon and one in Zion
will end up with mental illness.
You can't serve God and Mammon.

The Lord's plan is the pathway to happiness.
He Loves us and wants each one of us to be happy
and return to live with Him.

If you are trying every way to excuse yourself from following
our Heavenly Father's plan because you have special circumstances...
Your Wrong!

We are all given difficulties that we have to overcome.
And the only way to do this is through
Obedience to the Laws and Ordinances of the Gospel.

No Exceptions.

He knows us and knows our needs...
and this is why He has given us... His Only Begotten Son.


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cavanaughs

We had a grand fireside last night with the Cavanaughs from Lima.
Elder Cavanaugh has been a Mission President in Columbia,
the President of the MTC in Columbia
and he came to fill in 
at the MTC in Lima while they
were filling the position after the sudden death
of President Whetton.

Now he is the Executive Secretary to our Area Presidency.
He spoke to all the youth and young adults.
It was a great turnout 
and a wonderful message given by the Cavanaughs.

Thanks for coming...  Trujillo loves the shot in the arm!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Joy...

The cutest little family ever was baptized yesterday.
I was so happy to be there.
I love when the couple gets baptized together.
Usually one of the spouses is ready to be baptized before the other.
It sure makes living the gospel a lot easier
when they are ready at the same time.

Congratulations to Elders Contreras and Barinas.

This little girl was the most adorable thing.
Her personality was sparkling.
I wanted to take her home with me.
She is a little beamer.

Some more great news from the weekend events.
Lucy and Alfredo were married.

Alfredo is not a member of the church.
It is very common not to be officially married here
because of the cost and the paperwork.
 Lucy asked us to be the witnesses at the wedding.
This is Lucy and her family.
She also has an older son that works in Lima.


Lucy is putting her fingerprint on the paper...
It is official.

This is the attorney from the Mayor's office that
performed the ceremony.

We love Lucy and her family.
We are thrilled with this civil marriage
so that they can start to become a forever family.
First things first.

Their Bishop and Elders Camarena and Mendieta were there too.

Here we go...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bishops are a Blessing

Elder Lorenzo and Elder Espinoza
were with President Turk this afternoon.
They taught some great lessons and then stopped
by some of the homes of a few less active members.

They visited one lady who had lost her husband
a couple of years ago and had been in such a terrible depression.  
President Turk talked to her and he said...
"This is not a coincidence that I am here with you today.
I would love to give you a priesthood blessing
of strength and comfort."
She was so happy.
She said "You were an answer to my prayers"
The spirit was strong.... there was peace and power left 
with her today.  She felt a renewal.

They also visited the Bishop and his family.
Our Missionaries have close relationships with the Bishops in their areas.
 Our missionaries help with Home Teaching in the ward.  
They also help clean the chapels.
They will do whatever the Bishop wants them to do
to help the ward function better.

This is how ward families are built and this is how we strengthen each other.
There are no paid clergymen in our Church.
They are called through priesthood leaders
and they serve without compensation.

If you haven't been to visit our church...
Go see for yourself how
it functions and what the members are asked to do.

It is absolutely Beautiful!

Elders Saldivia and May

When the President was out with 
Elder Saldivia from Chile and Elder May from Idaho
they had a great afternoon.
They are in an area right at the base of the ruins of 
the Huaca del Sol y Huaca de la Luna.

These ruins are of two large temples from the great Mochica civilization.
One temple was used for religious purposes and the 
other was used for political affairs.

 In between the two temples was the city of Moche.
 This is a drawing of what the temples would have looked like.
When you walk through the ruins you can see these big colorful walls inside.

This is where Alicia's family homestead is.
Alicia works in the mission home.
This is Alicia's aunts and cousin with the President and the Elders.

The missionaries are really busy in this area.
The large member families have them teaching all their
friends and relatives.
Here are a couple of young women taking the lessons
with Alicia´s cousin.

And below is Ali's cousin who is leaving on a mission.
He just baptized his mom not too long ago.

Behind Elder Saldivia and Elder May is a field of ají peppers.
They are used in many dishes here.
I love the taste of ají... not too hot but gives it a kick.
The ají sauce looks like melted cheese that would go on nachos
but does not taste like cheese.

One of the Missionaries favorite dishes is called Ají de Gallina...
Creamy yellow sauce with shredded chicken
served with rice and hard boiled eggs.

Elder May's spanish is amazing for how short he has been here.
It is truly incredible how fast these missionaries pick up the language.
This is the Lord's work on the earth.

PS - thank you Sister May for the package for the missionaries...
the clothing is already put to good use.

Also thank you to Paisley and Berkeley who sacrificed Christmas
to help our missionaries.  Thank you so much.

I wish I would have kept a running list of all the packages that came.
It was a crazy time and I am not thanking you properly.
But please know that we love and appreciate your sacrifice for us.