Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mish Mash

These are my three grandsons...
Tillman, Griff and Walker.
They are planning and plotting a way to get back
to Peru to see their Mama T.
They are the best... 
Pretty Penny, our granddaughter, 
is smart to stay out of this trouble.

We had Family Home Evening with Lucy's family last night.
We went to the mall and ate hamburgers
which they have never had.
We taught them how to have FHE.
We taught a lesson from the friend magazine
and then we played games and had ice cream sundaes.
It was very fun.

President Turk was in Villa del Mar today with 
Elder Machaca and Elder Flansberg.
They were with President Huamani
the Branch President there too.
Behind them is the Casa Capilla. (House Chapel)

President Turk and the Elders were in a home 
teaching a 17 year old young man
and his parents came in and sat down to listen
and then his aunt and uncle showed up.
The aunt had a problem with her leg.  
She and her husband asked for a blessing.
And now all of them want to come to church with us on Sunday
and continue the lessons.

President Turk and I are attending the Villa del Mar Branch.
We are excited to be with them.
See you Sunday!