Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh the Peruvian Life...

Here are just a few things I have learned from living in Perú..
I really have known all this but it is emphasized by living here.

I have learned that you can be completely happy no matter where you live
if you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Church is the same everywhere... (just in a different language)
but it has the same affect on people.
Lives are lifted, People have purpose, Hopes are higher,
 Talents and abilities improve, Families grow closer,
Cleanliness is Craved!
People are truly trying to be more like Jesus Christ every day.

When people have lived in the ugliness of the world
and they find the Gospel of Jesus Christ... And truly want to change,
It is beautiful.

I have learned that people can live without a lot of the junk
they think they need to make their lives happy.  
In fact, life is better without all the stuff that clutters your life 
and takes up your time and uses your money.

(viz... the latest accessories, clothing, gym passes, hard bodies, 
tanning sprays, botox, facials, constant shopping, hair extensions, 
big homes, expensive furnishings, the latest cars, country clubs, etc...)

There is nothing as motivating as feeling our Heavenly Father's love for us.

No matter what happens in your life...
No matter who is on your side...
 No matter what people think of you...
You can feel whole and peaceful as long 
as you are confident to stand in the presence of God.

Keeping the commandments is how to have peace in our lives.
Carrying sin is the heaviest weight known to man.
It will break you down and destroy you faster than anything.
Those that think they can have one foot in Babylon and one in Zion
will end up with mental illness.
You can't serve God and Mammon.

The Lord's plan is the pathway to happiness.
He Loves us and wants each one of us to be happy
and return to live with Him.

If you are trying every way to excuse yourself from following
our Heavenly Father's plan because you have special circumstances...
Your Wrong!

We are all given difficulties that we have to overcome.
And the only way to do this is through
Obedience to the Laws and Ordinances of the Gospel.

No Exceptions.

He knows us and knows our needs...
and this is why He has given us... His Only Begotten Son.