Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Glorious Food

President Turk was busy again making Pancakes and eggs
for the office Elders on Saturday Morning.
He has pancakes once every six weeks.

He puts on a different apron every time.
Today he was quite colorful
but nobody cared what he was wearing
as long as the food was hot and plentiful.
Welcome to the life of a Mother...

He makes everyone very happy
because he will keep cooking as long as they keep eating.

It's so good you lick your plate clean...
Well, Elder Andersen does anyway.

After you eat and lick your plate clean
You have to find a place to just sprawl out like Elder Richards.

Along with the office Elders for breakfast, 
we had Elder Facer and Elder Hargis.
Elder Facer just got back from Lima
and we were happy to host these Zone Leaders as well.

All of these Elders earn these pancakes.
They are hard working and will do anything and everything
for the mission.

Thank you!