Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 6, 2012


A dear friend passed away this week.
Oswaldo was baptized a little over a year ago 
by Elder Elmer and Elder Perez.
He lost his battle with cancer.

He was buried here in Parque Eterno
It is the cemetery next to the Temple spot.

On the other side of this wall with the bougainvillea flowers
is where they will build the Temple.
This wall will actually be eliminated and they
will have open grounds in between the temple and the cemetery.

Oswaldo's wife is still a Catholic so his service was
done by the priest and the followers.


It was a beautiful day and many were there to support the family.

This is some of his family at his baptism.

Two of his daughters were baptized a few months after he was.
They were baptized by Elder Perez and Elder Pickett.
We will miss Oswaldo.  We are better for knowing him.