Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 20, 2012

Elders Saldivia and May

When the President was out with 
Elder Saldivia from Chile and Elder May from Idaho
they had a great afternoon.
They are in an area right at the base of the ruins of 
the Huaca del Sol y Huaca de la Luna.

These ruins are of two large temples from the great Mochica civilization.
One temple was used for religious purposes and the 
other was used for political affairs.

 In between the two temples was the city of Moche.
 This is a drawing of what the temples would have looked like.
When you walk through the ruins you can see these big colorful walls inside.

This is where Alicia's family homestead is.
Alicia works in the mission home.
This is Alicia's aunts and cousin with the President and the Elders.

The missionaries are really busy in this area.
The large member families have them teaching all their
friends and relatives.
Here are a couple of young women taking the lessons
with Alicia´s cousin.

And below is Ali's cousin who is leaving on a mission.
He just baptized his mom not too long ago.

Behind Elder Saldivia and Elder May is a field of ají peppers.
They are used in many dishes here.
I love the taste of ají... not too hot but gives it a kick.
The ají sauce looks like melted cheese that would go on nachos
but does not taste like cheese.

One of the Missionaries favorite dishes is called Ají de Gallina...
Creamy yellow sauce with shredded chicken
served with rice and hard boiled eggs.

Elder May's spanish is amazing for how short he has been here.
It is truly incredible how fast these missionaries pick up the language.
This is the Lord's work on the earth.

PS - thank you Sister May for the package for the missionaries...
the clothing is already put to good use.

Also thank you to Paisley and Berkeley who sacrificed Christmas
to help our missionaries.  Thank you so much.

I wish I would have kept a running list of all the packages that came.
It was a crazy time and I am not thanking you properly.
But please know that we love and appreciate your sacrifice for us.