Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 15, 2012

From boys to Men...

There is nothing that I like more than a little herd of boys.
These boys were at the church yesterday to watch 
one of their friends get baptized.

Luis got baptized and bore the sweetest testimony ever.
These boys are between the ages of 10 and 12.
They are all taking the lessons.  Some with their families...
Some with their mothers.

Elders Lorenzo and Espinoza
have been busy.

Hermana Avenedaño and Hermana Bond
taught Alejandro and his mother.
He is thirteen and was baptized yesterday
His mother is getting baptized next week.

When I see these young boys get baptized I think of our sweet Elder Vera.

He was baptized when he was only eleven years old.
He was the only one in his family that was baptized at that time.
This photo was taken on the day of his baptism.
He is with three of his sisters and his mother.

He was a great example to his family and now many
of them have joined the church.
It all started with a young boy who heard truth and followed his heart.

He is now the President's Assistant.
He is a very effective, knowledgable, obedient leader in the mission.

From boys to men...

He will be a leader among men for the rest of his life.

Joseph Smith was only fourteen when he went into a grove of trees
to pray to our Heavenly Father 
on which church he should join.

I love when these young boys find the truth before
the big ugly world gets a hold of them.

We loved being with these missionaries last night too.
Below we have
Elders Vera, Sumi, Quiroz, and Davila
and Hermanas Pillco and Montes.

They were marrying people, baptizing people and 
also performing musical numbers.

Great job Missionaries.