Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Worlds Largest Mission?

President was at this District meeting this morning.
Primavera Zone was lucky that I couldn't do surprise room checks
today.  Hope you are all keeping your rooms spotless.
I will be surprising you soon.

Hermana Coronel is back in action after her surgery... We are happy.
The Hermana on the far right is a young woman that has been filling in
 where we need her with hospital stays and teaching appointments etc...
Thank you so much...

The mission is a huge juggling act.  
At any moment we can have
several on the move to fill in, help out, pick up, emergency transfers, 
illness, appointments, disobedience, etc...
We have 222 missionaries now.  This is a very large mission.
One of the largest in the world.
We also have 31 Hermanas which is a high number for a mission.

We are loving all the extra missionaries here.

We have opened up 30 new areas since July.

All the Bishops and Branch Presidents are extremely happy for the extra help.
We know that it won't be for long
So we will enjoy it while we can.