Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Doozy of a Day...

It's Elder Richards birthday today.
He is our financial secretary.
He is in charge of all the food
going in and out of any meeting or gathering.

A few days ago he was in charge of getting pizza for the new ones
that had just arrived.  He had to get the pizza there right on time
so that all of the Missionaries picking up the new ones to proselyte
could get out on time and make it to all of their appointments.
He called Papa Johns several times to make sure things were in order
and going to be delivered to the right place at the right time.
Papa Johns delivered the pizza over an hour late.
It messed up the schedule.
Elder Richards was furious.
He told Papa Johns that we could not and would not be using
them any more for our missionaries.
That is a lot of business they would miss.
President Turk and I didn't hear about the mix up.
The next day we were at Papa Johns with our Children and Grandchildren
and called the office Elders to come have pizza with the family 
and say goodbye.

Elder Richards didn't say anything

But he found some glasses in the office and put them on just to make sure
that the people at Papa Johns didn't recognize him.
I saw him with glasses and thought it was strange
and then he told me that he was going incognito.

This was hilarious to me.
I could hardly recognize him.
Good move Elder Richards!

We had no idea or we would have supported his threat.
For the big Leadership meeting today
we did have Pizza Hut.
We will show that Papa Johns that we mean business...
until Pizza Hut delivers late
and then we will have to alternate or 
have chicken and papas fritas.

Happy Birthday Elder Richards...
We Love You!