Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad News... Good News!

We woke up early to catch a flight to Lima to go to 
my Dentist.  I broke my back tooth 
on President Turk's 
Pecan Brittle.

Got to the airport... Plane was Cancelled!
You can't check online to see if these flights are on time, etc...
Nothing is accurate.
So... We cancelled my dental appointment in Lima,
and I came back from the airport
and went to have a consultation
at the Dentist down the street from the office.

There was no Nitris... Sad
But he was good.
I had earplugs in with the Wicked Soundtrack playing.
I just went ahead with it and got it fixed and saved a trip
and the whole day.

I was so tense in the chair the whole time
that I had to get a massage
later to fix all the kinks and knots and aches.

I know I am a wuss.
But, the tooth is fixed.
I was praying the whole time
and voila... It is over!