Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Contributor from the Past!

This is Elder Brent Hunsaker.
For those of you just joining my blog,  He was the first Assistant
to President Turk when we Arrived.
He was called by President Mora and then continued with President Turk.
Here's the funny thing... He's from Mesa and President Turk was 
his Stake President when he left for his mission.
In fact President Turk set him apart and in his setting apart,
which his mother took notes... 
He talked about the close relationship he would have with
his mission president.
President Turk was talking about himself and he didn't know it.
He had no idea that he would be called as a Mission President
and serving in Trujillo with Elder Hunsaker a year later.

Elder Hunsaker sent me this story...
He will be our guest blogger for the day.

In my first area called Cachipampa, we found ourselves teaching a family of an older lady named Felicitas and her grandson, Gerardo when all of a sudden we heard the back door slam as Antobeli, Felicitas’ son came storming in, quickly glanced over at us and said, “I don’t believe in God, don’t even try”…  Well, that’ll sure make a missionary smile!  We tried to shrug it off and kept teaching the dear family.  The next day we were there again teaching the family as Antobeli walked by almost exactly like the day before declaring, “I love to drink and I love to smoke Elders, and I still don’t believe in God, just keep teaching my family, not me!”  Well after several similarly repeated events as such, we found ourselves walking back to our room with our heads hung very, very low thinking quite seriously to just give up on our friend Antobeli for the time being.  As we arrived, pondered, and dropped to our knees to cry unto Heavenly Father for his fatherly guidance, WE FELT IT!  Yup, that’s right, you guessed it!  “One more effort.”  The very next day we raced over to Antobeli’s house and found him there and this time he had serious questions about The Church of Jesus Christ.  In that short time frame between having the Spirit of the Lord tell us “One more effort” to the time we made it back to Antobeli’s house, the Lord worked wonders and eventually, America Antobeli Cerna Mendoza made the decision to be baptized exactly as Jesus Christ was.  Now, a peculiar lesson is learned in this story as well.  When the Lord speaks to us, to our hearts (feelings, sensations, desires, love) or our minds (new ideas, revelations, thoughts) He fully expects us to go and do and make your personal “One more effort” immediately!  King Benjamin beautifully explains this principle as he declares in
Mosiah 2: 24
… “He doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you...
 Elder Brent Hunsaker

This is Antobeli.  He just received his mission call to Mexico.
He will be a fantastic missionary.

Thanks Elder Hunsaker for this story...
We miss and love you!