Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hurley and Meza...

 When the President was out with Elder Hurley and Elder Meza
they taught several lessons, made several contacts,
visited the Bishop's family and the Pesionista
and saw their apartment...
 They also visited with Kevin who is fifteen and taught him another lesson.
He will be baptized tomorrow...
 And then they went to a family's home who have two sons serving missions.
When they left on their missions neither one of their parents
were members of the church.
Their parents had never been married.
The mother wanted in the worst way to get baptized.
She had attended church for over a year.
She finally went to her husband and said
"I love you
but I have to get baptized.
That means you either marry me or you will have to leave."
 He married her and we went to her baptism
several months ago.
The sons were so happy.
The Father has taken the lessons but hasn't been able
to quit drinking.
The President talked to this Father.
He hadn't been drinking for a few weeks.
He wanted to get baptized but was afraid
he would fall.
President Turk gave him a blessing.
He talked to him about baptism
today he passed his interview for baptism.

the President is baptizing him.

The missionary sons are going to return 
from their missions 
with both parents baptized while they were serving.

Oh Happy Day!