Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Run Down...

At a glance....

President was in the cannery making spaghetti sauce

We started the decorations in the house... here is a close up of the tree

Elder Marvin Yat and Hermana Erynn Shearman
dropped by on their way to Tucson.
They are getting all the documentation ready for their wedding
They will get married in Guatemala on January 17th.
It was fun to see them and have lunch.

Our children got us tickets to the Michael Bublé concert
 Naturally 7 was the opening act.. they were fantastic
and of course Michael was great as well....
This is the heart confetti that was shot out all over the audience.

I went to Brimley Pothier´s bridal shower....
She is the fiancé of our Elder Scott McGrath...
She grew up in our ward. 
Small World

Just a quick peak into the last couple of days....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grandpa Dean

Terry was out to lunch with his dad in the Hot Rod....

Grandpa Dean built this car from scratch... it is quite a beauty.
Dean was a professional drag racer early in his life...
he also has built racing engines for boats and cars all of his life.
So this car is loaded with power.
If you floor it... the front of the car could fly straight up in the air.

We love Grandpa Dean!

Parker's Family.... Holiday Love!

We are thankful for these special ones in our lives....
Parker, Hali, Tillman, Penny and June Bug.

I call pretty Penny SQUEEZIE because she loves to squeeze you so tight.
Tillman is the man in charge, he remembers everything you have ever said.
June Bug is starting to show her sweet personality.  She calms me down.
Parker and Hali are fantastic parents.
We are so thankful for their extra efforts in all they do in raising 
these beautiful children.
And of course, there is no where Papa T. would rather be 
than covered in grandchildren.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Daughter Molly...

Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the World!

My Daughter Molly is 27 today....  WOW!

 Molly is beautiful... And she is also intelligent.
But the best thing about Molly is her spirituality.
She knows who she really is and why she is here on the earth.
This reflects in her everyday actions.

 Being a stay at home mom with little ones can be difficult at times.
But Molly makes the ordinary... extraordinary.
She keeps an eternal perspective on everything she does.
She loves being a mother and is the best there is....
She would do anything and everything for these children.
She knows the eternal consequences of raising outstanding happy children.

She is the most beautiful when she is covered in baby food and bottle milk.
She loves playing on the floor, building forts and laughing with her children.

She teaches her little ones everyday about their Heavenly Father
and their relationship to Him.

She loves and honors her husband Landon and the priesthood he holds.
They are a great team.

Is life without problems.... No.
But Molly faces challenges with faith and prayer.
She is an example and light to all around her.

Happiest Birthday Molly Dolly...
We love you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where is Terry Now?

Terry has been in Louisiana this week...

Our son Parker is with him.
How great is it to travel with your son on business.

I told them that if they are in New Orleans
they better not come home without Pralines.

Make sure you pronounce it PRAW- LEENS

Last time we were in New Orleans... 
I had a whole bunch of Pralines shipped home
for family and friends... I Love them.

I am not a big seafood eater ... so I hope that they enjoyed
sucking all the crawfish heads and oysters.... oooooh no!

Oh look... the Phoenix Suns just happened to be in town 
playing against the New Orleans Pelicans...  FUN!

Get it Done!

Friday, November 1, 2013

GO Phoenix Suns....

Here is Papa T at the Phoenix Suns basketball game with Griffin.

They were playing the Utah Jazz so our son-in-law 
always goes to this game...  He is from Orem...  the Jazz is his team...
but not for long.  He will convert sooner or later.

Great times together with family...
Oh good... Papa T bought Griffy a Suns hat. 

The funny part about this is that we have been gone so long
we don't even know any of the Suns players...  oh well
Let's Go Suns!


So much fun to celebrate Halloween with the 6 grandchildren.