Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Daughter Molly...

Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the World!

My Daughter Molly is 27 today....  WOW!

 Molly is beautiful... And she is also intelligent.
But the best thing about Molly is her spirituality.
She knows who she really is and why she is here on the earth.
This reflects in her everyday actions.

 Being a stay at home mom with little ones can be difficult at times.
But Molly makes the ordinary... extraordinary.
She keeps an eternal perspective on everything she does.
She loves being a mother and is the best there is....
She would do anything and everything for these children.
She knows the eternal consequences of raising outstanding happy children.

She is the most beautiful when she is covered in baby food and bottle milk.
She loves playing on the floor, building forts and laughing with her children.

She teaches her little ones everyday about their Heavenly Father
and their relationship to Him.

She loves and honors her husband Landon and the priesthood he holds.
They are a great team.

Is life without problems.... No.
But Molly faces challenges with faith and prayer.
She is an example and light to all around her.

Happiest Birthday Molly Dolly...
We love you!