Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 30, 2011


President Turk went to Huamachuco last week. It is a beautiful Incan city
up in the mountains that is pretty hard to get to.
The roads are not paved and very bumpy.

Look at the city square. I love these bushes that are sculpted into shapes.
Look in the middle picture below at the pig bush on the far right. Darling!
I love the Incan warrior bushes too.
I want to meet the Edward Scissorhand
who keeps these bushes trimmed.
Do you think he does Ice Sculptures on the side? Ha ha

The bushes are cute but these people are fantastic.
This is the family group that meets together for church.
There isn't even a branch here yet. But these saints are extraordinary.
They are getting bigger and stronger everyday.

When President was visiting he taught in the primary.
Well, okay he taught the whole primary.
There were only 5 or 6 children.

The missionaries and members are like pioneers.
The church has only been in this area for less than a year.
They are just getting ready to form a branch.

(Elder Castro, Elder Zavaleta, Elder Morales, Elder Hargis, Pte. Turk)
There are two new Elders there now.
Elder Castro is with Elder Aburto and Elder Hargis is with Elder Yuca.
Thank you Elders... We Love you and We Love Huamachuco!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

And the work goes on...

Here we are at our home away from home... The airport.
We are saying goodbye again.
This time to our dear friend Elder Hunsaker.
His parents came to pick him up so he is
leaving a little later than his group.
He's been our right hand man since we have been here.
Not only did Elder Hunsaker leave, but Elder Garcia is now out in
Florencia de Mora as a District leader.
Elder Monson has replaced him in the office.
We will miss Elder Garcia, but he is not too far away.
Elder Monson is on the far right.
He is a great addition.
These are our office Elders now.

We had to head to get some comfort food after the airport.
We will miss you Elder Hunsaker.
But that's the story of the mission.
and the work goes on...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Billy Goats Gruff... Peruvian Style

I was at the airport the other day with my missionaries, and while they were in line getting their luggage checked in... my eyes always wander to the beautiful Peruvian children.

I first saw this glorious little face below and as I was taking his picture...
It was as if he said....

"No, no, please big ugly troll, don't take my picture,
I am just the little billy goat gruff. Wait for my older brother,
He is way fluffier than me"

Well, I couldn't believe it - but it was true.
Here came the older brother with cheeks to die for
and a face that was so cute I really was going to have to pinch it off.

But again it was as if this older brother said...
"Oh big scary troll, just you wait. I have an older brother
that is much more fluffy than I am. We are just little compared to him."
This was inconceivable.
Could it really be true?

Sure enough, an older brother much fluffier than the other two appeared.
So fluffy in fact, that his dimples were deeper
than the deepest canyon.
So deep, I couldn't wait to grab that face and squeeze it.

Three of the fluffiest little billy goats "Cabritos"
I have ever seen.
These children are beautiful.
They are the children of one of our pensionistas.
They came to say goodbye to some of the missionaries
that she feeds every day.
We love our Pensionistas. They are so wonderful to the missionaries.
And I love these little round, fluffy, Peruvian Faced Children!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day of Changes.... Constant Changes

This is a very fun and talented group... and I am telling you that
there is not a dud among them.
I have them each tell me something they love to do
so that I can remember them from the activity.
Here is the list...

Aburto - Speed boats
Allred - Cello, piano
Araneda - Soccer, Basketball
Calisaya - Rubik's cube speed demon
Canaan - All about music
Frietz - all about sports- Plays Football
Jaramillo - Plays Pool
Hermana McVey - Loves flowers, gardening and hiking
Mendieta - Conducting Music
Hermana Mendoza - Pianist
Mendoza - Guitar, Rock Climbing, English
Merkley - Throws Hammer, Shot and Discus
Prebe- Volleyball player
Rodriguez - Loves to Draw - English
Russell - Baseball Player - Boise
Sanchez - Plays guitar, Speaks English
Hermana Sanchez - Loves the Foosball table
Zetina - Basketball and Boxing

I love this picture.
All the new Elders in their new dark suits, backpacks and their new pillows.
The Assistants are sticking them in cabs
and sending them to the mission home for lunch.

Here they are getting ready to share their testimonies to the missionaries
at the change meeting. They are just about to
meet their trainers and head
to their first area.

And last a picture at the mission home.
They made it and we are thrilled.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Again Hello

Now wouldn't you want to be greeted by this friendly, good looking group?
They make our new Missionaries Happy.
They work hard for those coming into the mission.
They want to make sure they feel comfortable and ready to fly.
Wow, Eighteen Missionaries... How great is this!
We gathered and loaded them up on the big blue Eagle bus.
And then we were off.
First stop, the Temple Site.
President Turk circled them around and told them
that this is why they are here in Trujillo.
Just as they will be building our new Temple brick by brick
at this very place...
You, the Missionaries will be building Testimonies
Principle by Principle
And all that you do as missionaries
will be to prepare people to come here to the Temple,
Where they can make and keep sacred Covenants
Participate in saving Ordinances,
and be Sealed Together as Families.
We bowed in prayer and President Turk plead with the Lord
that these Missionaries would be Valiant in building
up the Kingdom here in Trujillo

And he promised them that through their obedience
they would feel their Savior's Love like never before.
We all love to come to this place and we can't wait for this
glorious edifice
to be built.

We are praying that we are here when it is finished
Hurry Hurry Hurry

Como Puedo Ser - January 2011

Goodbye my big group of Great Missionaries... The Turk's will Love you Forever!

Now, Each one of you.... really,
go be like Nephi, Abinadi,
King Benjamin
and Jesus Christ.
We expect great things from ALL of you.
& Keep in Touch!

Those leaving in this group include...

Hermanas: Blake and Gonzales

Elders: Alvarez, Butterfield, Cespedes, Christensen, Echanique, Edmunds, Gonzales, Hunsaker, Lopez, Medina, Perez, Perry, Quimi, Rodriguez, Samayoa, Velasquez, Vazquez, Williams,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful Despedida... the Farewell Meeting

This is our big group that is heading home.
Four of our Elders had parents coming to pick them up.
They were supposed to land at 6:30 in the morning.
But they got fogged in.
They spent about 11 hours in the Lima Airport
Not Fun
Especially when you have sons that you haven't
seen for two years waiting on the other end.
A few extra hours seem like forever.
(Christensens, Butterfields, Perrys and Hunsakers)
But they made it and we were so happy to meet them.
We had our big Testimony meeting at 3:00
The Chapel and cultural hall were packed with people...
People who have been taught by these Missionaries.
Some traveled for 6 hours to say goodbye.
We had a great dinner and then it was back to the Mission Home for
Family Home Evening and Dessert

We played our fun activity of
Memories of the Mission.
We had it in the back yard.
SO we showed the goodbye movie
"Como Puedo Ser"
on the back of the house.
It looked great on the wall. It was so fun to have it this big.

Here is a list of those leaving

Hermanas: Blake and Gonzales

Elders: Alvarez, Butterfield, Cespedes, Christensen, Echanique, Edmunds, Gonzales, Hunsaker, Lopez, Medina, Perez, Perry, Quimi, Rodriguez, Samayoa, Velasquez, Vazquez, Williams,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Need Thee Every Hour

Sometimes the sweetest moments come
during the impromptu special numbers we have by the missionaries.
This is a little bit of the Hymn "I need thee Every Hour"
Elder Glasgow, Elder Gricius, and Elder Erickson


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The President's Day Out!

President Turk went out with these Elders in Viru today.
Elder Fajardo and Elder Vasquez.
And the exciting thing that is happening in Viru is ...
The new chapel that they are about to dedicate.
Look at this big Beauty behind them.
Here are a bunch of the Elders from Viru
(Blay, Fajardo, Ramirez, Brito, Mennis, Vasquez & Brother Rojas)
And look at the new sports court.
This is about the only basketball court we have seen here in Peru.
There are a few but it is definitely the only one with nets.
And here is the sweetest story...
This is Brother Rojas with the Elders. He is the ward mission leader here in Viru.
He wanted to go out and work with the Elders today because...
...It was 12 years ago today that he was baptized.
He and his family live straight down this path behind the corn field
He lives in the most humble little home.
He told President Turk that he
has Nothing in the world that is worth much
but he has Everything that truly matters.
He and his family have been sealed together in the Temple
and his sons have served missions.
He said they are the richest people in the blessings
of the Gospel and that they couldn't be happier.

"This Gospel means Everything to Us"
Brother Rojas

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going Bananas... with Elder Jones!

Elder Jones, our Financial Secretary writes this post.

As the enormous Leadership Conference was drawing near, the Financial Secretary was growing quiet with deep concern.

The Personal Secretary was flooded with lists and charts of each of the missionaries and their respective travel plans and hotel rooms. The Assistants were preparing their precise trainings and inspiring leadership talks.

But the Financial Secretary's job, responsibility or duty, if you will, seemed quite daunting. Possibly the most important part of the day... the Refreshments. This crucial decision brings the spiritual symphony to its encore status. But without an effective refreshment this symphony ends up more like a Jr. High beginners orchestra. We needed the refreshment to be inexpensive, healthy, tasty and non repetitive. We wanted a nice fruit that was naturally clean and one that we could buy in bulk. But where can you find 140 bananas that are ripe and ready to go. This is when an inside source (our taxi-man, Alfredo) let us in on the biggest kept secret in Peru. The HERMALINDA, Trujillo's largest open fruit market.

Lets take a look inside.
And here we are in the Banana Havana.

I felt a little overwhelmed with all these bananas
and didn't know what to do.

So I did what seemed natural and began banging
on my chest like Donkey Kong.

I guess I scared the banana dealers because we got 140 bananas for 17 Nuevos Soles or about 4 cents for each banana. Don't mess with the DK!

Here we are carrying the Platinos to the the mission van.

Saying "Que tal" to our friend on the way out of The Hermalinda. It was a success and needless to say when the missionaries saw the refreshments...
They went absolutely bananas.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elder Mayorga - Guest Contributor

Elder Mayorga - President Turk's 1st Assistant

Feliz Cumpleaños Hermana Turk

Mientras pensaba en que debía escribir vino a mi mente lo que Elder Uceda dijo en su visita referente a Hermana Turk, el dijo: "Ella habla por la voz del Espíritu" y yo sé que es así. El tener la oportunidad de servir con personas tan especiales en donde no es necesario
utilizar el mismo idioma para comunicarnos, donde podemos comprender lo que los demás necesitan con tan solo poner atención a la voz que habla a nuestra mente y a nuestro corazón, ese es el idioma que cada misionero utiliza para comunicarse con los demás ese es el idioma que utiliza Hermana Turk.
Hoy en su cumpleaños no queda mas que recalcar que ella es una misionera del Señor y que ella habla por el poder del Espíritu, que podemos sentir su amor y su preocupación, que sin sus ánimos sería mas difícil el poder realizar esta obra pero... de eso se trata esta obra: amor dedicación, ánimos, alegría y consagración.
Hermana Turk, yo le amo y a pesar de no poder hablar el mismo lenguaje si puedo decir que hablamos el mismo idioma...el idioma de Espíritu.

Con Cariño

Elder Mayorga

Monday, January 17, 2011

Letters to the President

The missionaries write a letter once a week to their President.

President Turk reads about 200 letters every Monday.

He tries to answer as many as he can too.

Here are a couple of highlights from today's letters…

  • When President Turk first arrived in the country, he was out with the missionaries teaching a family. They were baptized a couple months later. Today in his letters, the missionaries in that area told him that the 22 year old son of that family was just baptized by the father who has only been a member for a few months. We love this story..
  • The Hermanas in California were off the charts in contacts and they had 10 investigators in church with them this week. Congratulations!
  • One of our Elders from Lima told us that his mother back home was baptized. Now he is not the only member in his family. How sweet is that.
  • One couple who has been going to church for 9 months is finally getting married this week so that they can be baptized on Saturday.
  • The Hermanas in Chimbote told us that they were on their way home from a long trip on the bus and they climbed into a taxi on the way home from the bus. It was very late. All they wanted to do was crawl in bed. But the spirit whispered and they took the time to talk to the taxi driver and he said that he had been praying for them. He had been to church and taken the lessons and then let it go. But now decided to pray and pursue the church again and then he picked up the sisters and they took the time to get him back to church. He is getting baptized soon.

There are so many more… But I have to go to bed!

Always More to Come!

PS... thanks to the Zone Leaders of Cajamarca. President loved the soccer shirt He felt a part of the team.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guess what Landon? Natalie and Michael are baptized!

When my kids were here for the holidays, I think I told you that my son Parker, and son-in law Landon, both went out teaching with the missionaries.
They had great experiences. In fact, a few baptism commitments
This is Landon and the Elders in one of the homes.
It is after they had a special lesson with Natalie and her Mother.
It was an experience they will never forget.
Landon got choked up telling us about it later.
Natalie's mom is already a member
and Now Natalie is too.
Landon and these missionaries taught Michael also.
Michael is the other young man in white in this picture.
Their baptism was fantastic.
Also on some of Landon's rounds he met this young girl.
This is a darling little member named Maria... everyone calls her Gracie
When Landon met her, she told him that President Turk was her Amigazo.
That means.. best friend.
And she is... She is so bright and darling. We love Gracie!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Do It!

I was driving the red mini van yesterday full of missionaries as usual. They hopped in the very back, back and said, "Hey, there are some baby wipes and a jar of unopened baby food back here." A little twinge stung my heart, and then a thousand images of those cute babies toddling all over the mission home flooded my mind.

After we got our call, People would say "how can you leave your family... your grandchildren?" Then they would say, "I could never do that."

This is how you do it.... You trust in the Lord and then you jump in with two feet and love life, and try to live it the best that you can. This earth life is short. I want to have NO regrets.

My grandchildren are the reason that I left. I want them to know that I Love my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ more than anything. And I know that the Lord will bless them more for my service here than me doting over them at home. This time away has been a precious time to really be grateful for the sweet relationships that we have with our children, their spouses and of course our grand babies.

The Scriptures come alive....

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.

We have been filled with complete joy and peace with this calling.
Angels are among us... Missionaries fill our hearts with love and our tanks with energy.... The members, the new members, the investigators are all wonderful people that make life interesting and fulfilling.

If you are thinking of serving a mission, don't hesitate. You will receive way more than you give. We owe the Lord everything anyway, and then when you try to give back just a little, He just keeps giving more.

It's the most beautiful unbalanced salary you will ever receive.
I am so grateful for this opportunity of a life time.

Elder Kyle Nichols

(Elder Hunsaker & Elder Nichols)

This is Elder Kyle Nichols. He is President Turk’s new Assistant

He will be taking Elder Hunsaker's place.

He is from Bakersfield, CA. and is the youngest of seven children.

He has 12 nieces and nephews. He is a great athlete.

He is a fantastic missionary.

We feel so blessed to have him here in Trujillo with us.

We are expecting wonderful things from him.

So keep your eye on
Elder Nichols.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

28 Stripling....

These men have been warriors. Three long days of Training and Teaching.
Hope they absorbed most of it.
This is a picture of the Zone Leaders and office staff.

We then headed to the Soccer field and let them
move their muscles. They were so happy.
President Turk's sideview mirrors on his car were taken
while we were playing.. Bummer.