Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Billy Goats Gruff... Peruvian Style

I was at the airport the other day with my missionaries, and while they were in line getting their luggage checked in... my eyes always wander to the beautiful Peruvian children.

I first saw this glorious little face below and as I was taking his picture...
It was as if he said....

"No, no, please big ugly troll, don't take my picture,
I am just the little billy goat gruff. Wait for my older brother,
He is way fluffier than me"

Well, I couldn't believe it - but it was true.
Here came the older brother with cheeks to die for
and a face that was so cute I really was going to have to pinch it off.

But again it was as if this older brother said...
"Oh big scary troll, just you wait. I have an older brother
that is much more fluffy than I am. We are just little compared to him."
This was inconceivable.
Could it really be true?

Sure enough, an older brother much fluffier than the other two appeared.
So fluffy in fact, that his dimples were deeper
than the deepest canyon.
So deep, I couldn't wait to grab that face and squeeze it.

Three of the fluffiest little billy goats "Cabritos"
I have ever seen.
These children are beautiful.
They are the children of one of our pensionistas.
They came to say goodbye to some of the missionaries
that she feeds every day.
We love our Pensionistas. They are so wonderful to the missionaries.
And I love these little round, fluffy, Peruvian Faced Children!