Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shelley and the Cuy

While we were in Huaraz at the District Conference,
President Turk and Elder Nash had
training, interviews, visits, and the priesthood session on Saturday

But before they left us for these meetings,
we had a chance to run to a fun museum with a darling guide
who is a member of the church.
Her name was Anna and she and her husband were just sealed in the Temple.
She took us through the museum which has the largest display of these...
I fell in love with them.
Giant Ugga Buggas, what could be better...
I would love a whole backyard of them.

The time came for the men to leave for their meetings.
I have never had time to explore Huaraz and see the artisan specialties.
Shelly Nash and I decided to hunt for more Huacos for my collection.
She quickly understood why I love to collect these funny things.
They each have their own little personalities.
We were bartering and wheelin' and dealin'...
and Yes, we had some Success.

Then we decided to really get daring and take the car to the outskirts of town
to a little place called Tarica... known for it's terra cotta pottery.
While we were looking at the pottery, we saw the potter in the back of the shop
and asked if we could take a few pictures.
He was just throwing some small bowls... too bad, but we did get a
taste of his life on the potters wheel.
He's been spinning for 30 years.

We went in to another pottery store,
and now I was looking in the back for more
potters wheels and wow,
I saw a giant rodent scurry across the floor.
Creepy, until I saw it was a Cuy.
They raise them to eat. They love them especially in Huaraz.

So I asked the store owner about her pet cuy. She threw some
green hay on the floor and a bunch of them came scurrying out to eat,
even the babies. We asked if she had names for them.
She laughed and said Yes, Dinner.

Shelley said that she has tried Cuy. I think I will pass.
This is in respect of my Meggie Pie.
(I miss you Meg!)

Thanks for a great day Shelley!