Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day of Changes.... Constant Changes

This is a very fun and talented group... and I am telling you that
there is not a dud among them.
I have them each tell me something they love to do
so that I can remember them from the activity.
Here is the list...

Aburto - Speed boats
Allred - Cello, piano
Araneda - Soccer, Basketball
Calisaya - Rubik's cube speed demon
Canaan - All about music
Frietz - all about sports- Plays Football
Jaramillo - Plays Pool
Hermana McVey - Loves flowers, gardening and hiking
Mendieta - Conducting Music
Hermana Mendoza - Pianist
Mendoza - Guitar, Rock Climbing, English
Merkley - Throws Hammer, Shot and Discus
Prebe- Volleyball player
Rodriguez - Loves to Draw - English
Russell - Baseball Player - Boise
Sanchez - Plays guitar, Speaks English
Hermana Sanchez - Loves the Foosball table
Zetina - Basketball and Boxing

I love this picture.
All the new Elders in their new dark suits, backpacks and their new pillows.
The Assistants are sticking them in cabs
and sending them to the mission home for lunch.

Here they are getting ready to share their testimonies to the missionaries
at the change meeting. They are just about to
meet their trainers and head
to their first area.

And last a picture at the mission home.
They made it and we are thrilled.