Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Way... did that really happen?

We just got home from a road trip with Elder Marcus B. Nash and his wife Shelley. Very fun and just a little bit awkward!
Terry and I flew to Lima where we hopped in a car with the Nashs
and headed to Huaraz. Huaraz is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains that look like the Swiss Alps. It is known as Peru's Switzerland.
It is spectacular.
The problem for me is that it is an 8 hour drive of switchbacks and bumps
that makes the trip a little tough.
There are no bathroom stops either.
Hence the problem. You start fasting the day before the trip.
Especially when it is not your spouse driving.
It's your Church Leader.

The ride up was wonderful.
No problem.
We told stories the whole time.
We were laughing and crying
and the ride just flew by.

On the way home,
we were pressed for time.
We spoke at our District Conference that morning,
by the way it was so special...
We saw all our missionaries there at the conference.
They all looked great. I couldn't take pictures... sorry moms,
I only saw them in the conference.
We finished at around 12:30
and then we had to drive back to Lima
to make our 8:30 flight.
Elder Nash was an awesome driver
and was focused on getting us to the plane on time.
(this is a nice way to say that he was driving pretty fast)
Terry and I appreciated this.

During the ride home I started to get a little woozy.
The altitude in Huaraz is like 11,000 feet.
Lima and Trujillo are at sea level.
You climb quickly and descend quickly and it can take a tole.
So I put my head down on Terry's knee for a minute.
Not a good idea.
I started getting very nauseous.
I quickly sat up.
and tried to stare at the lines in the road.
I opened my window for fresh air.
Nothing was helping.
I looked at Terry with fear in my eyes.
He didn't know what was going on
My glands started to crawl.
I was looking for a bag, anything.
Finally I just had to say, Elder Nash can you pull over...
I jumped out of the car... I bent over and waited for a minute
and nothing.
I walked around, got some air,
and the feeling seemed to pass.
I didn't want to take too much time because Elder Nash had been
passing some large trucks in the canyon
and I didn't want them to pass us again.
So, when I felt a little better,
I jumped back in the car and we were off.

I needed to get my mind on something else and make it a funny situation
So I told them the story of a car trip when I was growing up.
Our friends were taking my mom and some of the younger kids to the airport
after a long week at Aspen Grove family camp.
My dad was driving a big group of teenagers home, so sometimes we would
split up and some fly, some drive.
My little sister was sitting in front with my mom.
She started to get sick and threw up all over her shoes and socks.
I was sitting right behind her and looked over the seat to see what was going on
and I got sick just smelling it, so I quickly opened my window and started to throw up.
I had long hair and it blew out the window and got covered in yuck.
It also went all down the side of the back window.
So those sitting in the very back started to get sick and said,
roll down the back tailgate window... Quick.
Yes, those sitting in the very back, started to throw up
out the back of the car.
Remember we were all just getting on an airplane.

My little sister had to take off her shoes and socks and go barefoot.
I had throw up in my hair and on my shirt.
Those in the back just wreaked of vomit.
It was a long flight home for my mom.

After I told the Nashs this story, We hit a big roller coaster bump and
that was it. I had to say it again,
Elder Nash could you pleeeeease pull over....

Wow, again I jumped out of that car so fast.
All I could think was...
This is not really happening is it?
Terry grabbed napkins and water and came to the rescue.
He assured me that this was not
the most embarrassing moment I have had.
Oh, Really?
He asked if he should take a picture for my blog
Ha Ha...
(I told him that this would never be told on my blog or to anyone!)

Thank goodness I felt very comfortable with the Nashs
by this time in the trip.

They are wonderful in every way.
Thanks for the fun
Elder and Hermana Nash!

You can cry about it or you can laugh about it ... or you can blog about it,
It's all great therapy.