Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful Despedida... the Farewell Meeting

This is our big group that is heading home.
Four of our Elders had parents coming to pick them up.
They were supposed to land at 6:30 in the morning.
But they got fogged in.
They spent about 11 hours in the Lima Airport
Not Fun
Especially when you have sons that you haven't
seen for two years waiting on the other end.
A few extra hours seem like forever.
(Christensens, Butterfields, Perrys and Hunsakers)
But they made it and we were so happy to meet them.
We had our big Testimony meeting at 3:00
The Chapel and cultural hall were packed with people...
People who have been taught by these Missionaries.
Some traveled for 6 hours to say goodbye.
We had a great dinner and then it was back to the Mission Home for
Family Home Evening and Dessert

We played our fun activity of
Memories of the Mission.
We had it in the back yard.
SO we showed the goodbye movie
"Como Puedo Ser"
on the back of the house.
It looked great on the wall. It was so fun to have it this big.

Here is a list of those leaving

Hermanas: Blake and Gonzales

Elders: Alvarez, Butterfield, Cespedes, Christensen, Echanique, Edmunds, Gonzales, Hunsaker, Lopez, Medina, Perez, Perry, Quimi, Rodriguez, Samayoa, Velasquez, Vazquez, Williams,