Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun Facts about our Zone Leaders...

Here are some little known facts about our Fantastic Zone Leaders...
Try to put them with the right Elder
Good Luck!

Group 1
Can Dance like nobody's business
only thing growing faster than his testimony is his pant size
He is in Medical School
Can eat a whole chicken

Group 2
Misses his remote control airplanes almost as much as his family
Won competition in the School of Management
Was driving a Volvo at the age of 11
Is a race car driver

Group 3
Has won several dance competitions
Shaves his body to avoid the bed bugs
Will get off his death bed to play soccer
Was born with bilateral club feet

Group 4
Loves to play table tennis
Wants to be President of the United States
Fanatic Baseball Fan
Loves a good Mustache

Group 5
Acts like a little girl when he sees a spider
Has a -6 eye prescription
Loves to paraglide
His eyes change color like a chameleon

Group 6
Loves to Surf
Owns and wears a big foot costume
He is an actor and has been in many productions
Can't say I Love You

Group 7
Wants to be a marathon man
Taught Michael Phelps how to swim (a michael phelps)
Won the beard growing contest in High School
Loves Rotisserie Chicken more than anything else

We Love Them all!