Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, January 30, 2011


President Turk went to Huamachuco last week. It is a beautiful Incan city
up in the mountains that is pretty hard to get to.
The roads are not paved and very bumpy.

Look at the city square. I love these bushes that are sculpted into shapes.
Look in the middle picture below at the pig bush on the far right. Darling!
I love the Incan warrior bushes too.
I want to meet the Edward Scissorhand
who keeps these bushes trimmed.
Do you think he does Ice Sculptures on the side? Ha ha

The bushes are cute but these people are fantastic.
This is the family group that meets together for church.
There isn't even a branch here yet. But these saints are extraordinary.
They are getting bigger and stronger everyday.

When President was visiting he taught in the primary.
Well, okay he taught the whole primary.
There were only 5 or 6 children.

The missionaries and members are like pioneers.
The church has only been in this area for less than a year.
They are just getting ready to form a branch.

(Elder Castro, Elder Zavaleta, Elder Morales, Elder Hargis, Pte. Turk)
There are two new Elders there now.
Elder Castro is with Elder Aburto and Elder Hargis is with Elder Yuca.
Thank you Elders... We Love you and We Love Huamachuco!