Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Jamba Store

We opened another Jamba Juice store that is up and running.

It is in the Chandler Mall.
It is on the Food Court level.... Level 2
Half way between the Food Court and Nordstroms
This is our 7th store we have opened and 
we are working on our Scottsdale mall store which
will be coming soon.

We have been doing Jamba Juice for about 18 years now.
They have been a great blessing.

We are also just loving life with these people.
They are the best.

Nothing Better on Earth!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rock is Home!

Another returned missionary in the family.
My nephew Rock Shill is home from El Salvador.

We had our "Well Done Dinner" with the family and heard
his testimony... He will speak in church on Sunday.
We love you Rock!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hyrum's Blessing Day!

Look at this beautiful little baby boy!

This is 

We had his baby blessing today.
We are so happy!
Life keeps getting better and better!

My son - Parker, gave another inspired blessing.

Grandpa Dean Turk is happy to have another Dean in the family.

We are so thrilled with this little Turk family.
They are outstanding in every way.

 Just look at them...  Adorable!!!
We Love You so Much Turkitos!
It was a Great Day!

Trace and Synneve Levos

We had a great dinner with the Elder Levos and his new wife.

We were so happy that Trace and Synneve would call us 
so that we could go to dinner and catch up.
They were in town looking at Law School possibilities.

They are awesome together.  We were happy to finally meet Synneve.
They were married about 3 months ago in Texas.
We wanted to go to their wedding but it was during the 
Trujillo Temple dedication.
It looks like they were catching up all over town.
Here they are with the Smiths, Spencer and McKenna.

So great to see you,  Much Love... Keep in touch!

My Brother...

This is my brother Ross Junior.  I think I told you about him 
a little while back on the blog.
He was diagnosed with brain cancer almost a year ago.

It was an aggressive cancer and we thought we would
only have between three to six months with him.

He passed away Saturday the 5th.
He was actually quite well the whole time
since the diagnoses.   

The ending was peaceful and sweet with his family surrounding him
in love and unity.

We will miss Ross.  He has a giant personality.

I am jealous that he is now with our own earthly father
and all those that have gone before us.

Much love to my older brother Ross.
You were much too young to go.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Anniversary...

Terry and I have been married for 33 years
We were married in the Mesa Temple on August 27th.

Terry got us some tickets for Wicked..
We have seen it many times but I love it...
I want to sing the whole time.

Life is good for the Turks
We are not enduring our marriage, We are enjoying every minute...
because my sweet husband lives by this quote by Pres. Hinckley

“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a 
matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one's companion.” 

I love you Terry...
Thanks for taking such great care of me...
Every second of Every day I feel Extremely Loved!

Monday, August 24, 2015

One More....

We attended one more wedding this weekend.
My nephew Cannon Collins married beautiful
Brittany Carlin on Saturday.

She is from California
but she was nice enough to get married
in the Mesa Temple in August.
 I think that the temperature was only 107 that day...
Not that bad!  

Terry and I were married in Mesa in August 
and it was a scorcher...
but if you can stand that kind of  heat on the wedding day
then the marriage will be a piece of cake!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Zach's Wedding...

We went to St. George, Utah for these two great people
this last weekend...
This is my nephew Zach Collins
and his new wife, Sarah Vaughn Collins

They are a beautiful couple and were sealed in the magnificent St George Temple.

This Temple resembles the Nauvoo Temple which I love so much.

We first flew into Las Vegas and were able to 
go see this show "The Beatles ...Love... Show"
before we rented a car and picked up my brother
Tom and his wife Melissa at the airport
and then we all drove to St. George.

 We also saw the musical
"Beauty and the Beast" in St. George
at the awesome outdoor theatre... Tuacahn.

The production was great...  so much talent and the venue
was incredible!

By the Way, the St. George Temple was the first Temple built in Utah
and is one of the most beautiful... It is pure white
and stands out against the red rock of the mountains in St. George

A little history that is amazing....

A temple for St. George was announced on 9 November 1871 by Brigham Young and was dedicated on 6 April 1877. Even though the Salt Lake Temple had been announced and commenced years earlier (1847 and 1853), construction on that temple was not completed until 1893. The St. George Temple was built to satisfy the church's immediate need for an appropriate place for temple ceremonies and ordinances. Because of the pressing need, the building's groundbreaking ceremony was held on the day the temple was announced. It was the third to be completed by the church and the first one in Utah.[1]
Brigham Young chose a 6-acre (24,000 m2) plot as the temple site. Builders soon discovered that the chosen site was swampy with numerous underground streams. Young was consulted on moving the site, but he remained firm in the idea that this was the site for the temple. To deal with the swampy site, workers created drains to eliminate as much water as possible. Then they brought lava rock to the site and crushed it into a gravel to create a dry foundation for the temple. This led to a new problem: how to crush the rock. Someone suggested using an old cannon that the city had acquired. After creating a pulley system, the cannon was used as a pile driver to compact the lava rock and earth and create a firm foundation.
The old cannon has an interesting history. It was made in France and used by Napoleon during his siege on Moscow. During Napoleon’s hasty retreat, however, the cannon was left behind. It was later dragged to Siberia, then Alaska, and finally ended up at a fort in California. Members of the Mormon Battalion acquired the cannon, had it mounted on wheels, and brought it to Utah. Today, the old cannon is displayed on the St. George temple grounds.
After stabilizing the foundation, work began on the structure. The walls of the temple were built of the red sandstone common to the area and then plastered for a white finish. Local church members worked for over five and a half years to complete the temple. Historians James Allen and Glen Leonard made note of the dedication shown by the pioneers in Southern Utah. The workers opened new rock quarries, cut, hauled and planed timber, and donated one day in ten as tithing labor. Some members donated half their wages to the temple, while others gave food, clothing and other goods to aid those who were working full-time on the building. Women decorated the hallways with handmade rag carpets and produced fringe for the altars and pulpits from Utah-produced silk. At its completion, it contained 1,000,000 board feet (2,000 m3) of lumber, which had been hand-chopped and hauled between 40 and 80 miles (60 and 100 km). They also used 17,000 tons of volcanic rock and sandstone, hand-cut and hauled by mule teams.
In honor of the temple, the church's April 1877 General Conference was held there. The temple dedication ceremony took place on 6 April 1877. Young presided and Daniel H. Wells, his second counselor, gave the dedicatory prayer. The St. George Temple was the only temple completed while Brigham Young was president. Shortly after the dedication and the conference, Young returned to Salt Lake and died on 29 August 1877, at age 76.
After remodeling of the interior, the temple was rededicated on 11 November 1975.[2]

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grandpa Dean...

We celebrated Grandpa Dean's Birthday on the 6th.
He is 78 years old.
(Dean is Terry's Father)

Here's a few of the grandkids and kids...
It is so much fun to get all together...
It's more like a preschool...
We have 8 grandkids and 
my nephew Myles was there with his wife Kat 
and cute baby Gwynnie!

Thank you Grandpa .... Happy Birthday!
Look at all the fun that you have created!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monsoon 2015

We had quite the storm today in Gilbert...
It hit us hard... I was praying for our new trees in the back
and then ended up soaked and muddy as
I ran out to save them all.... 
It was hilarious.

I called my daughter to tell her about my tree saving 
and she was yelling at me out in the rain as she was 
trying to get her trampoline out of a tree...

This is her trampoline that flew over that brick fence and into this tree...
We thought that the worst was over and then it hit us
all again after we got all of our trees anchored and tied up....
We will have to do it all again tomorrow morning!

How do people live in tornado alley?

There was a beautiful lightning show though!

And He's Off...

Just got back from the setting apart of Luke Shill our nephew.
He heads to the MTC tomorrow

And then he is off to 
Buenos Aires, Argentina South mission.
Here he is below with more of our nieces 
and nephews...

He's a great young man and we are thrilled he's 
heading out to be a part of 
the greatest army on the earth.

His brother Rock is returning from his mission 
in El Salvador in just a couple of weeks.
They will be apart for 4 years.

Nothing better than a hardworking Missionary
Best of Luck Luke!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happily Ever After....

The setting was perfect....
the Mount Timpanogas Temple of God.

Ben and Kelsie were stunning...
And now they are sealed for time and all eternity!

Best wishes and love to the newly married couple.
We love you both!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lord's Team

All eleven members of this high school volleyball
team have received their mission calls.
My nephew is on this team...  Luke Shill

He received his call to Argentina, Buenos Aires South mission.
They are all dear friends and have learned to work together 
on the court and off the court to be great examples to those around them.

Now they are each going to be serving on the Lord's team.
There is nothing more exciting....
Congratulations Luke!
(Luke is the seventh from the right)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Salt Lake and More....

 While we were up in Utah for Uaisele's wedding
we were able to hit some of our favorite spots...

Temple Square is a must even if we were only walking through.
The Salt Lake Temple is closed right now or we would
have done a session.

 We had to go to my sacred spot... the Salt Lake Cemetery.
I wanted to see if Elder Perry was buried there 
but he was buried in Logan.

But we did visit some of the prophets while we were there.
This sign is on the back of the tall Hinckley monument
I love it!

 We ate lunch at the Lion House... "Oh those Rolls"

We had just sat down to enjoy our meal when the fire alarm
starts to blare and the lights were flashing...
We just kept eating and then finally they came and escorted us out...
As we were about to exit... all of 
the chefs were coming out of the kitchen at the same time and
lo and behold...

Elder Stockton Nye shoots out in front of us...
We hugged him and laughed..."Oh it was you who started the fire?"
and he said...  "Nope, it wasn't me this time!"
So great to see you Elder Nye..

We also had the chance to go to Brigham City....
One of the most beautiful little towns ever.

The Main street is awesome...
And now it has the Glorious Temple.

If you visit Brigham you have to eat at Maddox...

The food is spectacular and again..."Oh, those Rolls"

 We go to Brigham City to visit our dear friends the Walkers
and this time we made them take us to another
one of my favorite cemeteries.
 I needed to see where President Boyd K. Packer was buried.

 His headstone is not there yet but you can see the outline
where he is buried.

There is another special person buried in Brigham City...
He is buried very close to Boyd K. Packer...
President Lorenzo Snow.

The sites are glorious in Brigham but the company is better.
We love to Laugh with the Walkers...
Thanks Mark and Cathi... it was so fun!