Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pizza with Tom and Family

One of our favorite things is to be invited to my brother Tom and his wife Melissa's
house for homemade pizzas

They put out a spread of every topping you could ever desire or dare
to put on a pizza…  and then

Tom puts them into his special pizza oven for all the heat and love it can muster…

 The outcome is spectacular.
oh my grandkids are in heaven….
and the parents love their gourmet pizzas even more!

The whole family is full and happy. 
I am so thankful for these sweet parents that are raising
these beautiful children

They are not just taking care of their physical needs…
but they are teaching them about their spiritual relationship
to our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.
It amazes me how much these children know and understand.

These babies are so precious too us… We smother them in kisses 
and they are so patient with us…

Life is Grand!  The Pizza was Perfect
and the Company was Outstanding...
Thanks Tom, Melissa, Meg and Ike
We Love YOU!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Washington DC

We love Washington DC and all the glorious sights.
So we decided to hop on the segways and 
cruise as fast as we could to as many as we could…
We hit a ton of them!

Sam Andersen was with us so it was the three of us and our guide.
Here we are in front of the Capitol building.

The Supreme Court Building

The Washington National Cathedral

It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world

President Woodrow Wilson is buried here 
and so is Helen Keller.

If I see a podium I just have to preach…

The Lincoln Memorial is always a popular stop...

 One of my favorites!

The Jefferson Memorial

The Washington Monument is now fixed 
after the crack from the 2011 earthquake..
You have to be in line at 6:00 in the morning to get
tickets to go to the top.  They are sold out by 6:30.

World War II Memorial… You can stick your feet in the water here

This is the reflecting pool and the mall in front of the 
Lincoln Memorial.

 I just love pillars

FDR Memorial…
We have nothing to Fear but Fear itself!

 And of course the White House.

Overall a splendid day in DC… that evening we ate at the 
Capitol Grill and then saw the performance of 
"the Capitol Steps"

Sunday we went to a Spanish Branch in the City.
We loved every minute… 
I was great until they sang the closing song
"Llamados a Servir"
Called to Serve…then I wept!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Elder Stephen Richards...

We have been in Washington DC for the past few days.

Elder Stephen Richards got married on Friday.

He married Andrea Grant, a beautiful girl from California
that he met at BYU through swimming.  She is also a swimmer for the Y.
They are going to have little baby dolphins.

The DC Temple is so majestic.
We love this temple.  After they were married, we stayed and 
attended a session before heading to the reception.

Elder Stephen Richards was one of our office Elders for about 7 months..
He was our finance clerk and then moved over to our Personal Secretary.
He took such great care of us. 

 We love him and are so thrilled that he 
has found a wonderful companion to share his life with.

You are the best Elder Richards…
Thanks for the Invitation!
We try to attend as many of these weddings as we can.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elder Ryan Nelson

Look who was married today...
Elder Ryan Nelson married darling Sarah!

We are so happy for them.

  And it is always fun to get together with all our missionaries
around here….  Elder Tyler Chatwin and Elder Spencer Smith
from Mesa and Elder Jacob Fullmer flew in from Maryland.

Great to catch up with all of them…

I told them that I was just in the bread store and 4 Elders walked in…
I talked to them for a while and bought them a sandwich.
I had a few tears… I explained that I have been home a year
from my mission.  Then one of the missionaries asked
how my personal studies were going.  
I loved that he asked me that question.
They have not been as good as in the mission field.
But I read every day… from the Book of Mormon.
He was told that many missionaries that have been
home a year really drop off of their personal studies.

Let's not fall into this category.
I hope that every one of you are still reading
and feasting on your scriptures.
It makes life so much sweeter!
We miss and love you all.
Keep up the good missionary work too!

and again
 Congratulations to Ryan and Sarah!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Staycation….

This week has been a sweet little piece of paradise!