Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, that I were an Angel!

Here is a sneak peak at one of our special numbers
for our mission tour with Elder Hooker
on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Elder Levos is fantastic on the piano and
Hermanas Petherbridge, Bond and Jackson sing
in beautiful harmony.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knock... Knock... Who's There?

Who's that knockin' at my door...

Oh it's sweet Hermana Galindo and Hermana Jimenez
They are working hard in Casa Grande.
President was out with them this morning
and said that they are both fantastic teachers.

They ran from appointment to appointment,
They had many lessons and visited many members.
They also stopped by their pensionista and Bishop's home.
I love hard working women... Bien Hecho Hermanas!

President then met with the Stake President out in Casa Grande.
Things are moving along great...

Below are the Assistants with the Zone Leaders...
Elder Casanova and Elder Massey
along with the Stake President.

I sure hope that the Leaders of these wards, branches and Stakes 
know that our missionaries will do anything and everything 
they ask them to do ....  
Service is our middle name!

The Big Sand Trap...

This morning I was running a keyboard to Elder Levos so that he could practice
the accompaniment for "Oh that I were an Angel."

I was running out the door and thank goodness Elder Cook and 
Elder Guerrero jumped in to show me where the new
apartment was in Alto Moche.

As we were leaving the Elders apartment, 
I started up a hill and found that it was very deep sand.
It was very deceptive because there were car tracks up the hill.
We were just getting in deeper and deeper.

I jumped out of the car... and put Elder Cook behind the wheel to 
see if he could master the Sand pit.

It was getting worse.
We called Elder Levos and Elder Almazan
to come help us push...

No Luck...

We tried to put wedges...

We tried to dig out...
 We tried to push it out....

They were all covered in sand... not once but many times....
If you look in the van door above you can see that I brought
some of Lucy's chocolate chip cookies.
Thank goodness we were not going to starve out in the sahara...

We all needed a shower... 
 More digging...
 Then a cry for help to our friends and neighbors watching this mess....
Again with the pushing....
 Finally we pulled the car jack out of the back....
 They were able to jack it up just enough to get our wedges underneath the wheel...
 This took a lot of men...
 And a lot of time....
 I was getting to know the neighborhood dogs and children...
 Finally.... they were ready to push it out...
 It actually started to move backward....
 "Keep going" I yelled to Elder Cook....
 Well, He was obedient ... He kept going and going....

We were thankful for Elder Levos and Elder Almazan and their 
special wedges that helped us out...
 Elder Guerrero helped out with the jack.... 
And Elder Cook stayed very clean as he was the designated driver.

I was so happy the Elders were with me on the drive and 
that I threw in the camera at the last minute.

Always an adventure in Peru....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Second Happiest Place on Earth...

Guess where my children, grandchildren 
and my extended family are right now?

Yes... they are at Disneyland, the Second Happiest Place on Earth!
The First happiest place right now is Trujillo, Peru for us.

We are so thankful for the photos that were sent 
to us over the last two days... 
We felt like we were a part of all the fun.
We sure missed all of you
But we are doing great and loving every minute here.

I put all these photos on my blog so that my grandchildren
can look back at my blog books and know that
Mama T and Papa T missed Disneyland to serve the Lord.
I want them to know that missions are more important and even
more exciting than Disneyland.
And that if we put the Lord first in our lives...
We will be blessed beyond measure.

I want them to remember that our family motto is: 
"Seek ye first to build up the Kingdom of God 
and to establish His righteousness
and all these things shall be added unto you."

(Even bigger and better than Disneyland!)

They all had a great time with all their cousins, aunts, uncles
and even all the great aunts and uncles and cousins once removed etc...

Thank you to my parents for this beautiful
Christmas Gift!
There is nothing better than fun family memories...
They will remember them forever!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Ones and Trainers....

A great new batch of missionaries are already out with their new trainers
in their new areas...  Exciting!

Hermana Villanueva is from Lima.  She is being trained by Hermana Pillco
and they will be serving in Chimbote Sur.

 Elder Ataurima is from Ayacucho Peru.  Elder Camarena will be training him.
They will serve in the Porvenir Zone.

 Elder Barrios from Lima will be trained by Elder Chun.
They will be serving in Virú

 Elder Calvas from Quito Ecuador will be trained by Elder Chatwin.
They will be working in Porvenir also.

 Elder Espinoza from Lima is being trained by Elder Zapata.
They are going to work in Esperanza.

 Elder Leon is from Lima.  He is being trained by Elder Flansberg.
they will be serving in Chimbote Perú

Elder Oropeza from Lima will be trained by Elder Contreras.
They are working in Casa Grande.

 Elder Perez from Montivideo, Uruguay is being trained by Elder Iler.
They will be working in the Palermo Zone.

Elder Zavaleta is from Lima. Training him will be Elder Palma
They will serve in Porvenir.

Welcome to Trujillo Perú.... You are in for the best two years ever!